After playing with over a dozen gaming mice for hours we've ended with these as our top 5 picks for the best gaming mice you can get right now in the middle of 2018. Of course, every person is different and there's not one perfect mouse for everyone, so if you have any doubts in our picks take a look at our what to look for in a gaming mouse post or read our mouse reviews and judge for yourself.

The best overall

The best wireless mouse and for lefties

Best small mouse

Best wireless ergonomic mouse

Classic Shape

Steelseries Rival 600

Logitech G Pro Wireless


Logitech G Pro/G305

Logitech G703/G403

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Razer DeathAdder

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Straight UpIt does everything well, and when put against the runner up, it has better clicks, a weight system and a second sensor for a lower price. The Rival 600 is the best overall mouse available right now.The Logitech G Pro Wireless has a ton of standout features: crazy good battery life, super light for wireless, removable side buttons and a great shape make it a top tier mouse.This mouse has probably the best clicks on any mouse, flawless sensor with amazing battery life on the wireless G305, this is the mouse to look at if you have small to medium hands.The G703 is a larger mouse that's great at everything, the wireless version is what you should be looking at, the G703's wireless is essentially lag free.The Razer DeathAdder that has a classic shaped loved by everyone with a great sensor. It's not our best pick because of the mushy mouse buttons and we're not huge fans of the software.
Pros Light for its size, flawless sensor, really great mouse buttons, good software, weight system, premium materials, RGB system and flexible cord.Flawless HERO 16K sensor, up to 60hr battery life, great ambidextrous shape and removable side buttons on both sides for lefties.Super light, amazing flawless HERO sensor, the best buttons in the industry, great software, solid RGB, wireless is lag free with option for wireless charging.Flawless sensor, good mouse buttons, great software, solid RGB, fantastic wireless with good battery life and option for wireless charging.Really comfortable shape, good weight for size, flawless sensor, great side buttons.
ConsGrip material on side might not be for everyone, only wired version.Features cost money and the G Pro Wireless is very expensive. There are some reports of double clicking and buttons rubbing but it seems fairly small in scale.Wired version has a thick unflexible cable, No lefty thumb buttons, no weight system.A little heavier on the wireless version, wired version has a thick cable, big shape, not for all hands, no weight system.No weighting system, synapse software, no onboard settings, not the most tactile mouse buttons.

How we picked

We played hundreds of hours with over a dozen different gaming mice over a variety of popular online games where performance matters for competitive play:

  • Overwatch
  • Fortnite
  • Dota 2
  • Starcraft 2
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

When playing we kept several aspects of the mouse in mind and took notes, our criteria for evaluating mice can be found on our what to look for in a gaming mouse post:

Based on those criteria, considering price, and after playing with all the mice we have, we picked the top 5 mice above for our winter 2018 update.

As a disclaimer, there's no one mouse that's perfect for everyone, and this best pick list is meant to serve as a suggestion for where to start, you can take a look at individual mouse reviews we've done to really dig into what will fit best for you.

We've picked from mice that are widely available, it doesn't help anybody if we pick a mouse that no one can get. As new mice come out we'll review them and consider them against our top ranking mice.

Honourable mentions

Here are the mice that are great, but just didn't make the top 5 cut.

Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom

The finalmouse would probably be in the top 5 if this were widely available, there's no point in us recommending a mouse that no one can get. It's a shame because the Ultralight looks to have a great sensor, buttons, cable in a crazy light package.

Zowie FK1 and FK2

One of our favourite shapes, good buttons, outdated internals, we can feel a little difference using this mouse, if this mouse got updated with a flawless sensor it could very well unseat one the top 5/

Logitech G502

A classic mouse with a ton of great features, it has a great sensor, a lot of people love the shape, but it's really heavy and has a thick cord which hold it back from being a top tier mouse for us.

Razer Naga Hex

If you're looking for an MMO mouse we'd recommend the Hex, but it's too niche for us to recommend overall usage. Stay tuned for more genre specific reviews.

Logitech G903

Previously on our top 5, it has a ton of features, this mouse has been replaced by the G Pro Wireless for wireless and ambidextrous shape, the G903 is very pricey and the shape is kind of awkward for a lot of gamers, great for a multipurpose mouse though!

The best 5 mice you can get right now in 2018

1. Steelseries Rival 600 (read review)

The best overall mouse

Rival 600 profile shot

Why the Rival 600 is our best mouse pick

It was a close race between this mouse and the Logitech G703/G403. A couple of things separated the Rival 600:

  • Rival 600 is cheaper than the wireless G703 by a significant amount and G903
  • Better weight system for people that are into that customization
  • As good or better sensor for a lower price
  • Significantly better RGB
  • The shape is as good as the G703, G Pro Wireless, this is of course dependent on preference

It's not drastically better than the G703 or G Pro Wireless but the Rival 600 comes in a lower price while being a great performer, it's our best overall pick (as long as you don't absolutely need wireless)


SensorTrueMove 3 (flawless)
Dimensions13.1cm/6.9cm/4.3cm (LWH)
Weight96grams, up to 126 grams adjustable
Buttons7 programmable
CableFlexible rubber

Check Price of Rival 310 on Amazon

Steelseries Rival 600

The best overall gaming mouse

Check PriceAvailable at Amazon

2. Logitech G Pro Wireless (read review)

Super light, great battery life and a safe shape

G Pro Wireless Box and Mouse

Why we ranked the The G Pro Wireless #2

This mouse basically does everything well, has a light weight, good safe shape, and amazing battery life, it just costs to o much for us to make it the overall number 1 recommendation.

If you don't care about the price of your mouse, this is the mouse you should get. The fact that the G Pro Wireless costs twice as much as the Rival 600 prevents us from giving it top spot, though we are tempted. If you see the price of this mouse get down closer to the Rival 600 or other wired mice, consider getting it, you'll likely not regret it.


SensorHERO 16k (flawless)
Dimensions12.5cm/6.35cm/4cm (LWH)
Weight80 grams
Buttonsup to 7 programmable
CableWireless, braided charging cable in wired mode, wireless charging avaialable


Logitech G Pro Wireless

The best wireless mouse and best for lefties

Check PriceAvailable at Amazon

3. Logitech G305/G Pro (read review)

The best small ambidextrous mouse with amazing tactile clicks


Why we picked the Logitech G Pro / G305

The G305 stands out due to its great small form factor shape, lagless wireless with amazing battery life and the best tactile clicks available.

This is the mouse to consider if you prefer smaller gaming mice and are coming from mice like the Zowie FK2.

The G305 has a new HERO sensor, which performs as well as the top tier Pixart 3360 sensor with great battery life for wireless. Read our full review


SensorHERO (flawless)
Dimensions11.6cm/6.2cm/3.8cm (LWH)
Weight75grams, 99 grams (wireless)
Buttons6 programmable
CableStiff braided, or wireless (AA, 9 months battery life)



Logitech G305 / G Pro (read review)

The best small mouse

Check PriceAvailable at Amazon


3. Logitech G703/G403 (read review)

Best wireless mouse with a great shape for larger hands

Why we ranked the G703 #4

The G703 is simply the best ergonomic wireless gaming mouse available right now. Combining a great shape with good battery life and great response time, this is a very capable mouse.

Great buttons and some cool features like wireless Powerplay charging put the Logitech G703 in the number three spot. Features on the G Pro Wireless like an ambidextrous design and massively better battery life set it apart from the G703. It would be a much closer contest if there were a G703 Hero variant with the same great battery life that the G Pro Wireless delivers...


SensorPixart PMW3366 (flawless)
Dimensions12.4m/6.8cm/4.3cm (LWH)
Weight107.2 grams, additional 10 gram weight
Buttons6 programmable
Cable/BatteryWireless and wired option, wireless charging available, up 30 hours battery life


Logitech G703/G403

The best wireless ergo gaming mouse.

Check PriceAvailable at Amazon


5. Razer DeathAdder (read review)

Top performance mouse with a great shape

The DeathAdder has a must try shape with great performance and internals, there are two things that causes the Razer DeathAdder to fall short; clicks that are not as tactile as our best mice and software that requires a login. If you don't mind either of those or prefer the shape of the DeathAdder,  which is a really great shape, buy with confidence. Read our full review


SensorPixart PMW 3389 (flawless)
Dimensions12.7cm/7.7cm/4.4cm (LWH)
Weight105 grams
Buttons6 programmable
CableFlexible rubber


Check Price of Razer DeathAdder

Razer DeathAdder

Great shape, great performance, okay clicks.

Check PriceAvailable at Amazon


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