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Cooler Master MK 770 Hybrid Review: Is Cooler Master Back?

Review unit provided by Cooler Master

The MK770 Hybrid is a great comeback keyboard for Cooler Master.

Back in the early days of mechs, the Cooler Master QuickFire had amazing quality for the price . Then they started to expand their product lines and I didn’t find them nearly as appealing. The MK770 might be a reclaim to glory.


The Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid delivers a great clicky keyboard experience out of the box with great stabilizers and a gasket mount poly plate. The result is a pretty dang nice typing experience with good acoustics for a clicky board.

This keyboard doesn’t really lack in any specific category, it has 3 mode wireless, RGB, decent software and all the keys you could need.

I wouldn’t recommend this keyboard for gaming unless you need the numpad and all the extra keys, but it’s no slouch there if you’re looking for a hybrid productivity and gaming keyboard.


  • Gasket mount feels great
  • Macaron colourway looks amazing
  • Stabilizers are top notch
  • Hot swap sockets


  • RGB lighting doesn’t illuminate keycap evenly
  • Media wheel is a little light
  • Case has a lot of flex

What’s in the Box?

Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid In the

Cooler Master has included a good set of accessories in the box:

  • The keyboard
  • Detachable USB-C cable
  • Wire switch and keycap puller
  • Extra keycaps
  • Extra switches
  • Dongle extension
  • Extra rubber feet and gaskets

Form Factor & Size

Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid Angled
  • Layout: 1800
  • Length: 381mm/15 in
  • Width: 140mm/5.5 in
  • Height: 38mm/1.49 in
  • Weight: 1052g / 2.31 lbs
  • Keys: 98 keys + Media wheel

The MK770 is a compact full size keyboard, only losing the lock and pause keys from a traditional full size. I wouldn’t use this keyboard for gaming given its total length, but for those who need all the keys, this is a nice way to save some desk space.

Design & Materials

Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid Numpad Close
  • Case: ABS Plastic
  • Plate: Polycarbonate
  • Foam: Plate foam
  • Gasket: Yes

I think the MK770 Hybrid has a great colour design, especially the Macaron colourway that I’m using. The keyboard also comes in a Space Grey pattern, but I think the Macaron is the winning colour theme.

There’s not too innovative about the keyboard, no surprises, but no disappointments. Although there’s a nice little cubby for the wireless dongle underneath the feet that I appreciate.

Gasket I think is a first for Cooler Master and I’m loving it. Everything on the keyboard is plastic with the exception of the metallic media wheel.

Build Quality

Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid Media Wheel 2

The MK770 is built fairly slim and trim so if you’re looking for a tank then move on. I found the build quality on this keyboard quite nice, maybe its because of the flexy nature of the gasket, I didn’t mind the lighter case build.

Even with a lighter keyboard shell, the keyboard feels well built, flex is a feature not a bug.

Typing Experience

YouTube video

The MK770 Hybrid feels great to type on. The clicky switches provide a tactility that still feels approachable to most people. All the stabilizers are flawless with some very minor wobbling and no extra sound generated. The bottom out feel is also great thanks to the gasket system that’s in place, not too hard, not too soft. Just right.

Typing Noise

I’m not the biggest fan of clicky switches but the Kailh Box V2 White’s produce a pleasant sound. I think that’s largely due to how well the keyboard dampens and absorbs sound between its softer plate and gasket design.


Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid Switch and Stabs
  • Switch Options: Kailh Box V2 White
  • Hotswap: Yes
  • Factory Lubed: Yes
  • Actuation Force: 45g
  • Travel Distance: 3.6 mm
  • Actuation Point: 1.8 mm

My version of the MK770 Hybrid came with factory lubed Kailh Box V2 Whites, I think all colors of V2 Box’s will be available. Kailh Box Whites are some of my favourite clicky switches and the implementation here is fantastic. The switches are socketed well into the hotswap pocket and the stem is stable with little play.


  • Lubed: Yes
  • Mount: No

These are smooth stabilizers. I can’t really find any fault for what Cooler Master is pricing this keyboard at. I found the stabilized keys pleasant to use throughout testing.


Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid Top
  • Connectivity: Wired and Wireless (2.4 Ghz & Bluetooth)
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • N-Key Rollover: Yes
  • Battery Size: 4000 mAh

The MK770 Hybrid is a standard performance experience, and that’s all you really need. I found the 2.4 Ghz mode plenty responsive to use for gaming.


  • LED Direction: North facing
  • Per-Key lighting: Yes
  • Effects: Yes

It’s not the best RGB you’re gonna get. The north facing LEDs light the top half of the double shot legends more than the bottom. This produces an uneven lighting.

Media wheel

Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid Media Wheel

The media wheel has a knurled metal texture that I found easy to use. The media wheel has a fairly light tension making moving the wheel effortless. I wish there was a bit more of a tactile feedback when scrolling, the steps feel a little light to me.


Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid Keycaps
  • Material: PBT
  • Profile: OEM
  • Legends: Double shot

My macaron colourway looks really nice and the theming is top notch. The keycaps are double shot PBT with a subtle texture, they feel great. The top legends are crisp and clear. The MK770 also has side printed labels for second layer functions look crisp and clean.

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