About us

TheGamingSetup is a review site dedicated solely to gaming products. Our goal is to help you find the absolute best setup for you. We do that by giving straightforward reviews and buying recommendations.

What makes you different other gaming recommendation sites?

To be frank, all the other ones kinda suck, they’re making random recommendations and a large majority of them likely don’t test the mice themselves before making a recommendation.

We buy our own products (usually from Amazon), test them rigorously at our Toronto location and then recommend which product is the best to buy. Afterwards we will either giveaway or re-sell the products we’ve reviewed.

We test for hours with a gamut of games, across several genres to make sure we’re covering ground with all types of gamers.

Why should we trust you over others?

Raymond Sam

My name is Raymond, I’m the founder of thegamingsetup.com and a long time gamer with several hundred to thousands of hours played on many different genres of games.

I have a few thousand hours of Dota, Starcraft 1 & 2, Street Fighter, Overwatch, PUBG, Fortnite and Call of Duty under his belt with the intention of adding several more thousand going forward.

I believe I have an intimate knowledge of what makes for a good gaming product and what makes for a not so good product.

Combine the experience with hundreds of  hours of real testing, I’m confident we’ll make picks that you’ll love. And that’s important because we make a bit of cash for every product you buy through our links, but we only keep that money if you love what you got. Read more about the links here.

Our Review Setup
Current review setup

Why haven’t you reviewed this product yet?

Our review process takes a lot more time than you normally see for gaming products, we can’t get to everything in a short manner. We also don’t consider niche or not widely available products, the products we review must be accessible to a wide demographic.

If you really think we should  review something specific, please suggest a product to us at suggest@thegamingsetup.com. Let us know what how you think how we’re doing as well and what we can be doing better.