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About us

Founded in 2018, TheGamingSetup is a review site dedicated solely to gaming products. Our goal is to help you find the absolute best setup for you. We do that by giving straightforward reviews and buying recommendations.

The only thing that matters is good recommendations.

A lot of the review sites kinda suck, they’re making random recommendations and a lot of them don’t play test the gear themselves before making a recommendation.

We buy our own products (usually from Amazon), play test them then recommend which product is the best to buy.

In short, we’re actually investing a lot of time and money to make sure we get these recommendations right.

And that’s important because we make a bit of cash for every product you buy through our links, but we only keep that money if you love what you got. Read more about the links here.

Who are you? Why should we trust you?

Ray with Street Fighter 4 snuggie

My name is Raymond, I’m the founder of thegamingsetup.com and I do all of the publishing on this site.

Raymond Sam

I have a few thousand hours of Dota 2, Starcraft 1 & 2, Street Fighter, Overwatch, PUBG, Apex Legends and Call of Duty under my belt with the intention of adding several more thousand going forward.

I have the knowledge of what makes for a good gaming product, and have diverse gaming tastes to make recommendations for a lot of types of gamers.

Combine that experience with hundreds of hours of real testing. I now have personally done over 200 reviews across mice, keyboards, controllers and more. I’m confident we’ll make picks that you’ll love.

You can find me elsewhere on the internet: raymondsam.com | twitter | linkedin

Ray’s current gaming setup

TheGamingSetup testing setup
Our current setup for TGS

This is the gaming setup where the majority of our gaming products are put through the ringer. We’ve spent some time putting together what we think is a pretty ideal and ergonomic gaming setup so that we can really focus on the product being tested.

TheGamingSetup testing PC

Our gaming rig is set up to make sure we’re not dropping frames and our reviews aren’t affected by poor performance on the computing side:


Why haven’t you reviewed this product yet?

Our review process takes a good amount of time and we can’t get to everything in a short manner. The more you support this blog, the more time I’m able to commit to reviewing. So consider sharing our reviews and subscribing to our youtube channel, more there soon! 

We also don’t consider niche or not widely available products, the products we review must be accessible to a wide demographic.

If you really think we should  review something specific, please suggest a product to us at suggest@tgs-site.2hp5sl6nmn-gjy3mrlzd48q.p.temp-site.link. Let us know what how you think how we’re doing as well and what we can be doing better.

Picture of Raymond Sam

Raymond Sam

Raymond is the founder and editor TheGamingSetup.com. He's has reviewed hundreds of mice, keyboards, controllers and other gaming peripherals over the last decade. He's been gaming for even longer, playing all kinds of games on all systems with a several thousand hours of DOTA 2, Starcraft , Street Fighter, Smash Bros, Overwatch, Apex Legends and Call of Duty under his belt with the intention of adding several more thousand going forward.

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