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G Wolves Hati Review – Proven Shape, Lighter Weight

G-Wolves Hati - Tin Box

I can’t fault G-Wolves strategy, take some of the most popular and well loved mouse shapes in the past couple of years, punch a bunch of holes in them to make them lighter and sell them for a reasonably price. The Hati is G-Wolves’ alternative to the Logitech G Pro Wireless, and by alternative, I mean that the shapes are pretty much identical, the Hati is a lighter and significantly cheaper version of one of the best gaming mice out.

The Hati is not without some issues however, the buttons are average at best, and the quality control leaves much to be desired with wobbly primary buttons and a scroll wheel that can be pushed to the side. 

If you’re finding  the sticker price of these top-tier mice too high, then the G-Wolves provides a great way to get the shape you want in an affordable manner with a great cable, great shape and feel, as long as you don’t mind the buttons too much.

g wolves hati amzn e1575028769801

G-Wolves Hati

An incredible value; proven shape and ultra light weight made for people who love the G Pro Wireless shape.

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  • Great proven ambidextrous shape
  • 60 grams
  • Tons of extra parts and accessories
  • Great cable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Button wobble on both primary buttons
  • Scroll wheel can shift
  • Tactility on buttons only okay
  • No official warranty policy that I could find

Shape & Design

YouTube video

The trend of G Wolves using proven and popular trend continues, the Hati very much resembles the Logitech G Pro Wireless in shape and size. The Hati is essentially a clone of the G Pro Wireless with a few minor button differences, as such, the Hati has a great safe shape that is compatible with a wide range of grips and medium hand sizes. The Hati is going to be best suited for claw, hybrid and fingertip grip while still being okay for smaller hand palm grips .

G-Wolves Hati - Back profile

As seen on the Skoll, the Hati uses the ever more common hexagon holes to reduce the weight of the mouse, the Hati weighs a scant 60 grams, the 20 or so gram difference between the Hati and GPW is noticeable. Unlike the Skoll, the holes are not present on the sidewalls of the mouse, in its place is a standard matte plastic. Even when pressing hard on the mouse I don’t really notice the hexagon holes.

Like the G Pro Wireless (sorry Logitech, it’s G Pro Wireless), the sidewalls of the mouse are gently curved in for grip, it’s not the deepest groove for picking up the mouse but I’ve had no issues moving the mouse around.

G-Wolves Hati - Front profile

The buttons have a slight comfort groove to them, the mouse buttons are individual and separated from the shell, like the G Pro Wireless. one difference here is that the gap between buttons surrounding the mouse wheel is wider on the Hati, so be wary if you have narrow finger spacing in your grip.

gwolves hati bottom

The feet on the Hati are black dyed PTFE, they do a good job maintaining glide, but they’re definitely not the smoothest feet I’ve seen stock. Like the Skoll, G-Wolves provides the Hati with 2 sets of feet replacement if you feel like the mouse is getting too scratch over extended use. 

G-Wolves Hati - Cable

The cable is the same one found on the Skoll and that’s a good thing, the mouse cable is flexible and compact, in combination with a mouse bungee I’m barely feeling the cable during gameplay. 

G-Wolves Hati - Top down

Branding is minimal on the Skoll with only the front edge of the mouse adorning the G-Wolves logo. The gray/white version of the mouse sports the gray to white gradient that is also found on the Skoll. It looks like G-Wolves has introduced as many as 8 colour ways for the Hati, so in case you don’t like the gray/white or dark gray to black, you can get stilleto red or vista blue to suit your preferences. 

There is no RGB on the Hati.

Buttons & Scroll Wheel

G-Wolves Hati - Front wheel

The buttons are the weakest part of the Hati offering, I didn’t see this many issues on the Skoll but my Hati has two major issues, both main buttons on my copy have a decent amount of wobble, and the scroll wheel can be pushed offset to one side. 

The wobble is something I’ve seen a handful of mice, while it personally doesn’t bother me too much I can definitely understand why that would be bothersome, the reports of this wobble have been inconsistent so it looks to be a QA issue. Ignoring the wobbling issue, the buttons are only okay, the clicks are lackluster, they’re missing that crisp tactility that I personally like. There’s a little pre-travel before the actuation that probably contributes to the lessened tactility.

The scroll wheel can be shifted off center, while it still works fine when its offset like this, I’m not confident about the durability of the scroll wheel after a lot of middle clicks. Outside of the offset issue, the scroll wheel is solid with solid steps and a good tactile bump on middle click.

You can see the issues here in this reddit post from anaf7: https://v.redd.it/37h32p3hq6u31.

G-Wolves Hati - Right Side

I’m happy to report the side buttons being issue free, they’re tactile and responsive and have a pill design that make it easy to distinguish LMB4 to LMB5.

The DPI button rests below the scroll wheel for quick DPI switching. 

Build Quality & Coating

Buttons aside, the build quality of the overall shell of the Hati is good, the sides and the top of the shell don’t creak when squeezed and pressed. The bottom of the shell does seem to have a little give, but that’s very unlikely to affect the durability of the shell. 

Sensor & Performance

There’s not much to cover here, the Hati uses the proven Pixart PMW3360, no acceleration, prediction, or angle snapping. The Hati can set DPI to as low as 100 and as high as 12000, in steps of 100, you also have the option to set horizontal and vertical DPI differently if you so choose.

The polling rate of the mouse can be set to 125, 500 or 1000 Hz, but there’s no real reason to set it to anything below 1000 Hz.

Lift off distance is also configurable from low to high, but you’re generally going to want this set to low. 

Features & Software

The G-Wolves Hati comes with a ton of extras, inside the box, the mouse is actually packed in a tin box with a pretty cool design. On top of the nice tin, the Skoll comes with replacement parts; there’s extra mouse feet, stick on side grips, replacement mouse switches and even a replacement cable. 

You can get the latest version of the Hati software here: http://www.gm-wolves.com/app, search for HT-M3360 or HT-M3389. 

G-Wolves Hati - Software

Any one of the main mouse buttons can be re-mapped, the functionality is pretty basic here. The parameters tab is also home to all the sensor settings previously mentioned. 

G-Wolves Hati - Software

The Hati can store 7 steps of DPI in the mouse, with the DPI switcher button on the bottom of the mouse. You can also set XY independent DPI if need be. 

G-Wolves Hati - Software

Wrapping up the software options is a pretty basic macro editor, you can name and create a macro, hit record and the software will record inputs with delays, you can then map these macros to a mouse button. 

Warranty & Reliability

I haven’t been able to find any information on warranty, on the hand out that comes with the house it says you can e-mail support@g-wolves.com.

Conclusion & Value

The G-Wolves Hati does a good job at providing a discount option to the Logitech G Pro Wireless. And discount it is, the Hati is a good mouse but it has a few shortcomings that might make a difference when choosing it, it’s looking like the quality control on the Hati can be a little bit inconsistent, if button wobble and offset scroll wheels don’t bother you enough to shell out $100 more for the G Pro Wireless then the Hati is a great choice.

The mouse has a flawless sensor, great shape and great cable, the Hati is providing a great shape in a ultralight package that just wasn’t available previous at its price point or any price point. 

g wolves hati amzn e1575028769801

G-Wolves Hati

An incredible value; proven shape and ultra light weight made for people who love the G Pro Wireless shape.

See Price on Amazon

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