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The Best Gaming Mouse Bungees 2021

Best Mouse Bungee 2019

A mouse bungee can make even the heaviest cable feel like a wireless gaming mouse. The best mouse bungee overall is the Zowie Camade by BenQ, it’s pretty much the complete package with a solid heavy base, a strong adjustable arm and good compatibility. The Razer Mouse Bungee is also a very strong second option that does everything that the Camade does minus the adjustable arm for slightly less money.

We rounded out our top 5 with other bungees that have some unique features, the Galeru has a magnetic arm mounting system, the Cougar Bunker has a suction cup base and the Generic Mouse Bungee can be had for less than 8 bucks.

1. Zowie BenQ Camade

The best overall mouse bungee

Zowie Camade back


  • Adjustable height on arm
  • Semi flexible cable holder
  • Solid base and stability
  • Compact footprint
  • Solid build quality


  • Priciest bungee

The Zowie Camade is the most popular and well known mouse bungee, it is the automatic recommendation when someone is asking for bungee reccos and there’s a good reason for it. The Camade is essentially the complete package, it’s highly compatible, adjustable and solidly built.

Zowie Camade front

The variable height on the Camade allows you to lift your cable to your preferred height, while the relatively small foot print keeps the Camade from eating up your desk space.

Aesthetically, I wish the Camade would come in more colours than red and black.

The Camade comes in with a slight premium, but for that premium you get the absolute best mouse bungee on the market.

 2. Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2

A very close second

Razer Bungee front


  • Strong arm
  • Very flexible cable mounting channel
  • Solid build quality
  • Clean minimal design
  • Fully rubberized base
  • Good stability


  • No ability to adjust height
  • Larger than average foot print

The Razer Mouse Bungee is a clean and functional bungee that comes in slightly cheaper than the Camade. It’s a very close second to the Camade and unless you really value a slightly smaller foot print and an adjustable arm, the Razer Mouse Bungee is a really great option.

Razer Bungee back

The most notable thing about the Razer Bungee is its flexible cable head, much less stiff than the Zowie version meaning the thickest cables will be able to fit into the bungee with ease. The process of getting the G502 cable into the Razer Bungee was a lot easier than the Camade.

The stability of this bungee is extremely solid, the base is long with a completely rubber bottom, weight-wise it’s about the same as the Camade, the Razer Bungee isn’t going anywhere.

Looks wise, the Razer Bungee is going to blend into a lot more gaming setups much more easily with its sleek black styling.

Get this bungee if you don’t care about the adjustable arm, have desk space to spare and want to save a couple of dollars.

3. Tt esports Galeru

Unique mounting system

ttesports Galeru front


  • Unique cable mounting system with magnets
  • Heavy and stable
  • Flexible rubber arm


  • Very large and wide foot print
  • Weaker rubber arm
  • No height adjustment

The Galeru is ideal for people who swap mice often, the rubber arm on the Galeru comes off completely via magnets, allowing you to attach your mouse cable to the arm freely, then the arm sinks back into place to the base via magnets, it’s a dream to hook up a mouse to the Galeru. The Galeru was definitely the easiest bungee to set up the G502 with.

ttesports Galeru back

When in place the Galeru is rock solid, it’s super wide with thick rubber strips and a pretty decent weight.

The base of the Galeru is massive, if you have a smaller desk then the Galeru may not be right for you.

The arm of the Galeru is completely rubber, the arm slopes down so the height of the cable isn’t as high as our other top picks. This is a bit of a concern with heavier cables as the drag that this bungee takes away might be minimal.

4. Cougar Bunker

Suction cup bungee

Cougar Bunker front


  • Super solid grip with suction base
  • Small foot print
  • Low price


  • Loses grip on certain surfaces
  • Light without suction
  • Rubber arm not the stongest

The Cougar Bunker has a unique base stability system, the Bunker has a suction cup at the bottom which will adhere to your desk providing a super solid base, when it works. For me, my ikea kitchen countertop desk would make the Bunker slowly lose suction over time. Testing on a metal surface showed that the Bunker keeps its grip much better.

Cougar Bunker back

The mounting system lets the Bunker keep a really small foot print so it’s a great option for a compact gaming setup.

The rubber flexible arm is much more solid when compared to the Galeru, the arm does a good job in keeping the heaviest cables up and away from the mouse.

The Bunker also comes in as one of the cheaper mouse bungees as well, so a great option if you’re looking for a budget mouse bungee.

5. Generic Mouse Bungee

The best heavyweight wireless gaming mouse

Generic mouse bungee


  • Super low price
  • Keeps the cable up


  • Light
  • Big base
  • Weak arm

The generic mouse bungee can be found from all different “brands” but the design and price point is the same, this mouse bungee comes in under 8 bucks, and for the money it does a serviceable job.

The large base keeps the bungee in place, while the arm while weaker than the Camade and Razer bungee, it still does a good job of keeping the cable up and away from the mouse. Of course the large base means this isn’t going to be your best choice if you don’t have much desk space.

The weight of the bungee is kind of light, so a good flick could potentially make the bungee go flying.

The cable channel is made of hard plastic and is non-flexible, I was still able to get the G502 cable mounted with little issue.

6. Xtrfy B1

All the bell and whistles



  • Super low price
  • Keeps the cable up


  • Light
  • Big base
  • Weak arm

The Xtrfy B1 combines an attractive bungee design with LED lighting and a USB hub. The USB 2.0 hub is a useful addition for easy access to ports to add extra peripherals, though it won’t be any good for data intensive uses.

The LED is a single colour only, so be sure that you like the lime green aesthetic before getting the B1. 

The silicon cord arm has good flex and is easily compatible with most mouse cables. 

The B1 is last on our recommended list because it is admittedly a little overkill for a mouse bungee, it’s for people that are sure they want a USB hub and bungee in one. 

Do mouse bungees help your aim?

Mouse bungees can help with your aim, but I don’t think it’s the first thing you should look to when improving your gameplay. Mouse bungees do have an appreciable effect in lifting and securing the mouse cable so that you get consistent feel for your mouse. When you’re practising or just gaming in general, a consistent experience is going to help you build muscle memory, that memory will help your snaps and tracking over time.

Are mouse bungees worth it?

A lot of gamers make their own DIY bungee to get the cable of the gaming mouse out of the way, something as simple as some tape, or a binder clip can keep your mouse cable from overly dragging on your mouse.  So, in that sense, they’re not worth it since you can do it yourself for way cheaper. That being said, if you can’t be bothered and just want something you know will work in improving your gaming experience a bungee is a small price to pay considering how much time and money you’ve put into gaming already.

How we tested and picked

As always, we primarily test by playing a ton of games with the mouse bungees, pairing it particularly with the Logitech G502 since it is probably the most cumbersome mainstream mouse. The best bungee mice are going to work with all the best mice and make the cord feel like a non-factor in as many scenarios as possible. When playing games like DOTA2, Overwatch and Apex Legends, we were on the look out for some specific factors.

Arm strength

The sturdiness of the coil arm of mouse bungees varies widely. The best bungees are going to be strong enough to hold up the heaviest of cables while maintaining enough flexibility in case of a wild flick to the edge of the mouse pad.


The base of the mouse bungee needs to be heavy or sturdy enough so that it doesn’t fly around in an intense gaming session. A light mouse bungee is no good if it loses its place all the time.

Foot print

Desk space can come at a premium, so a mouse bungee that can be stable while keeping its overall size low on the desk is valued.


The best mouse bungee works with all cable weights, the cable holder needs to be able to accommodate thick chunky cables as well as thin cables and soft paracorded ones.

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