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The 7 Best FPS Mice in 2023

The Best FPS Gaming Mouse

First person shooters are arguably the genre that sparked interest in gaming focused mice in the first place, mouse movements are key to so much of the genre’s gameplay, from aiming, looking, firing and movement, a good FPS mouse can make a huge difference in your gameplay. A good FPS mouse ignores the extra frills and makes sure the fundamentals are rock solid, no extra buttons, no weights and shapes that suit multiple types of mouse grips. The mouse should have tactile buttons that don’t actuate easily, revealing your location by accident, they should feel satisfying when you’re clicking heads. Good FP mice should have a flawless sensor, so pixel tracking is accurate and consistent every time. The best FPS mice promote freedom of movement, they are going to have great cables with minimal drag, or better yet, they should be wireless if possible and light, so that long low DPI flicks aren’t fatiguing on the player.

1. Razer Viper Ultimate

The Best FPS Mouse

The best for FPS

Check Price of Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate

Everything you want in a wireless gaming mouse, especially for FPS. See Price on Amazon


  • Lagless wireless
  • Long 70 hour battery life
  • Light at 74 grams with no holes
  • Dock with wireless charging
  • Buttons on both sides of ambidextrous shape, good for lefties
  • 2 year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Recessed side buttons can be a little difficult to hit
  • Some pre-travel on primary buttons

Our former best overall gaming mouse is also the best fps gaming mouse, the Viper Ultimate has everything you would want for an FPS gamer. The safe shape of the Viper Ultimate is perfectly suited for claw and finger-tip grips. The mouse has a flawless sensor, great buttons and a long battery life. What takes the Viper Ultimate over the top is its flawless sensor and lightweight. You can’t really get better than a light mouse with lagless wireless, true freedom of movement. The Viper Ultimate is on the expensive side however, if you’re on a budget, the Model O is similar in shape, or just the vanilla Razer Viper  or Viper Mini are good options. Read our review

2. Logitech G Pro Wireless & Superlight

For FPS gamers looking for a bit more palm support

A close second
Check Price of Steelseries Rival 600 on Amazon

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech’s best gaming mouse See Price on Amazon


  • 60 hour battery life
  • Flawless sensor
  • 80 grams without holes
  • Swappable side buttons
  • Wireless charging capability with charge mat
  • Great shape for palm


  • Expensive
  • Some durability concerns with buttons double clicking

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is another complete package mouse, its lightweight, it has a flawless wireless sensor and its tactile buttons make it a great FPS mouse. For those that don’t like the shape of the Razer Viper, the GPW has all the virtues of that mouse, with a rounder, taller shape that might fit gamers that prefer a little more palm support. Logitech’s swappable side buttons mean this is a great fit for left-handed players, the mouse has a flawless sensor with no input latency and a 6o hour battery life, it’s a complete package that should make most gamers happy, its specs are just slightly short of the Vipers’, making it the second best fps mouse. Like the Viper, it’s not a cheap mouse, those looking for a little more palm support can look to the CoolerMaster MM710 for a more affordable option. The new Superlight version takes the mouse to the next level with an even lighter weight, an even longer battery, and a higher price point. It still falls short of the Viper Ultimate for not having usb-c and a dock solution. Read our GPW Review

3. CoolerMaster MM710

Great value fps gaming mouse

Palm grip FPS mouse
Check Price of Cooler Master MM710
Cooler Master MM710 Cooler Masters first ultra light is one of the lightest See Price on Amazon


  • Unique shape, great for all grips but especially for palm
  • Sturdy build and design
  • Flexible cable
  • 2 year warranty
  • Affordable


  • Main button and middle scroll wheel can wobble
  • Feet are scratchy out of the box

The MM710 packs an excellent shape for all grips, it’s a no-frills, performance focused mouse that provides a great FPS experience. For palm grip FPS players, the MM710 is a great option because of its taller height and round shape. The MM710 is still plenty viable for claw and finger-tip gamers. The mouse is well built, with a PBT shell, a light weight and of course, has a flawless sensor. The MM710 is our first budget choice because of its shape versatility, and for just doing the fundamentals properly. There are some concerns with quality control of the shell and gaps, the buttons and scroll wheel have shown some wobble. For its price, it’s still incredible value and certainly a top performing mouse for FPS games. Read our review

4. Glorious Model O/O-

Ultralight and affordable fps mouse

Big Value
Check Price of the Model O-
Glorious Model O- Diminutive size and price with no compromises See Price on Glorious PC


  • Great shape for claw grips and size options for smaller hands
  • Lots of surface and colour options
  • Great primary buttons and scroll wheel
  • Improved cable


  • Main button can wobble
  • Lots of branding
  • Shell flexes and creaks a good amount

The Glorious Model O and O- has a shape that’s immediately familiar and well proven for FPS, for tip and  claw gamers. The Model O is affordable, its shape is comfortable, the cable is great, and it glides well on a light frame. The Model O is a lean, focused mouse that’s great for FPS. The buttons hold it back a little bit, they’re not the best feeling mouse clicks for FPS, it lacks the tactile, crispy click that you’d want for an FPS mouse. If you’re a little bit of a ragier FPS gamer, you might want to pick a sturdier mouse, the Model O does have a decent amount of flex on the shell. Read our review

5. Endgame Gear XM1

A great shape for fps gaming

Proven performer
Endgame Gear XM1

Endgame Gear XM1 A unique shape and solid built quality make the XM1 a great shooters mouse See Price on Amazon


  • Original ambidextrous shape works really well for claw grip
  • Buttons are rock solid and sturdy
  • 70 grams with no holes
  • Good glide on feet


  • Cable is stiff and rubber, good candidate for paracording
  • Coating runs warm in my experience

The Endgame XM1 has great clicks and a unique low profile shape that is an absolute joy to use. Every shot feels great with this mouse. The shape is ideal for claw grip gamers. The XM1 has a flawless sensor and a lightweight in a strong shell with great build quality. The mouse is affordable and is a great option for gamers looking for value. The only shortcoming I can find on the XM1 is the rubber cable, it’s a far cry from the wireless beasts at the top of our list, I can feel the cable a bit more when compared to the braided cables of other mice on this list. Read our review

6. Zowie S1/S2

One of the most comfortable for fps gaming

zowie s2 amzn

Zowie Divina S1 and S2

A great less narrow ambidextrous shape and less stiff buttons (finally!) make the S1 and S2 some of the best ambidextrous mice around. See Price on Amazon


  • Three colour options, two size options
  • Great safe shape, well balanced
  • Flexible rubber cable at an angle, introduces very little drag
  • Option of glossy or matte coating options


  • Noisy scroll wheel
  • Above average in weight for this category

The Zowie S series is known for its comfortable shape that’s compatible with most grips. Its curvature and size can accommodate palm, claw and finger-tip grips well, fitting in the hand like a glove. The S1 and S2 pack a flawless sensor with a flexible rubber cable that surprisingly doesn’t introduce as much drag as you would think. The mouse has multiple colour and coating options as well. The S series mice are a little heavier than a lot of the other mice you would find on this list, it’s not heavy by any means but its freedom of movement can’t compare to the top-tier mice on this list.

7. Glorious Model D- (61 g)

The best ergonomic fps mouse

Glorious Model D minus

Glorious Model D- An incredible value; proven shape and ultra light weight made for palm grippers. See Price on Glorious


  • Proven ergo shape
  • Lightweight
  • Great soft cable
  • 2 colour and coating options


  • Buttons are mediocre
  • Shell is a little soft, flexes and creaks

The Glorious Model D- is a great FPS mouse choice for gamers that prefer an ergonomic mouse. It’s diminutive size makes the Model D- still suitable for a claw grip while being absolutely great for palm grippers. The Model D- is one of the lightest ergonomic mice out, with a great cable and a flawless sensor making the Model D- absolutely fly in game. The mouse has lacklustre clicks, it’s not the most tactile experience with the Model D-, so look elsewhere if you value tactility. If you’re prone to squeezing heavily or reacting poorly to getting sniped, then you might want to look for something a little sturdier than the Model D-. Its shell is a little flexible and creaky.

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