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Logitech G903 Review – Jack of all trades, master of none

Logitech G903 Review

The Logitech G903 packs a lot of features into its ambidextrous design made for larger hands. If you need a ton of buttons or need a productivity mouse that can also game with the best of them this is your mouse, as long as you don’t mind the high price.

If you’re looking for a pure gaming mouse, there are better options in the Rival 600Logitech G703 and Wireless G Pro for medium sized hands.


The G903 was previously the only good wireless ambidextrous option on the market, the newly released Logitech G Pro wireless might be an improvement in a lot of parts where the G903 excels.

At its higher price point, you should only look into getting this mouse if you know you’ll make use of all the extra button options or if you’re left handed and want a solid wireless mouse. It’s going to be a mouse that’s good but not the best at FPS that can operate more effectively than a standard 5-6 button mouse for MOBAs and MMOs.

The shape is what holds this mouse back the most, it’s not going to be the most comfortable mouse you try right off the bat. If this shape is your thing, then the rest of the mouse is essentially perfect. If you don’t like the shape though, then I’d recommend you go check out our best mouse list and find an alternative there.


  • Best sensor on the market: Pixart PMW 3366
  • Great lagless wireless with good 24 hour or better battery life
  • Wireless charging capability with Powerplay Mat
  • 11 programmable buttons in total
  • Swappable side buttons for flawless left handed support
  • Probably the most customizable mouse on the market


  • Expensive
  • Shape is a bit difficult for smaller hands, not the most comfortable mouse
  • No place to store the usb dongle!

G903 Comparisons

G903 vs G Pro Wireless

g903 vs gpw top

If you care about gaming primarily then you should take the G Pro Wireless over the G903.

The G903’s long shape make it a slightly more awkward grip, the GPW’s safe shape is better suited for pretty much all types of games. If you have larger hands however, the G903 will be better suited, the G Pro Wireless is a little too small for the largest hands.

Weight wise the G903 is significantly heavier than the G Pro Wireless as well, while still having poorer battery life.

Everything else is a bit of a wash, they both have good buttons, with removable side buttons, they both can be charged wirelessly. The G903 does have an infinite scroll wheel that’s not on the G Pro Wireless, so if for some reason you game with that then prioritize the G903.

G903 vs G502

These are very different mice.

The only similarity these mice have is the sheer amount of customization you can make. Both have a ton of buttons, site scroll clicks and infinite wheels.

The G903 is a long and slim mouse with an ambidextrous shape, I don’t consider this mouse all the comfortable for gaming for a lot of gamers.

The G502 has an ergonomic shape, its as long as the G903 but its wider to make it a more comfortable fit for larger hands.

Unless you have specific reasons for getting the G903, I’d pick the G502 for a gaming mouse, it just feels better to use despite having a wire and being the heavier mouse.

G903 vs Rival 600

Two very different large mice. The Rival 600 is bigger than the G903 with an ergonomic shape. While the G903 is as long as the Rival 600, it’s not nearly as wide and is an ambidextrous shape.

The Rival 600 buttons are better, the comfort and grip of the Rival 600 is also superior to the G903.

Unless you strongly value the wirelessness of the G903, I’d recommend the Rival 600.

G903 vs Mamba Wireless

mamba vs g903 top

These are both large wireless gaming mice, but the shapes are very different. The G903 is a long mouse, while the Mamba Wireless has more traditional dimensions and will likely be the better shape for most people unless you have long hands.

The G903 has the Mamba Wireless beat on buttons. Not only are there are button options on the G903 with the tilt click and infinite scroll wheel, the primary buttons themselves are much more tactile and responsive than the mushy buttons that are found on the Mamba Wireless.

Both mice have flawless sensors.

In this case, the comfort of the shape is more important than the buttons or features, I generally think the Mamba Wireless is going to be more comfortable for gamers.

G903 vs G305

I can’t really compare these mice, they’re vastly different in size. The G305 is a small to medium sized mouse while the G903 is more suited for larger hands.

The G305 has better buttons than the G903 and is significantly cheaper than the G903.

The G903 has more buttons, more customization, and an infinite scroll wheel.

If you are here then you’re most likely a little lost, please make sure to get a good idea of what your hand size is before buying either mouse, it’ll help you figure out which you’ll likely like better.

G903 vs DeathAdder Elite

The DeathAdder Elite is a much larger mouse in hand than the G903, it’s nearly as long but a lot wider and taller.

The ergonomic shape on the DeathAdder is much more comfortable than the G903s long narrow shape.

The G903 has a few advantages, better buttons, more buttons in general (and infinite scroll) and wireless but those advantages are weighed down by a pretty large cost difference when compared to the DeathAdder.

I’d get the DeathAdder over the G903 with only a few exceptions, if you value wireless a lot or if you’re left handed then you should get the G903. Keep in mind there are a lot of other wireless options available.

G903 vs G703

The G703 has a much better shape for gaming. If you’re looking for a gaming mouse I’d recommend the G703 over the G903.

The G903 might have some advantages in games that have a lot of key binds or if they have a use for infinite scroll.

Outside of these two things, the mice are a bit of a wash, both have flawless sensors, both have great buttons and lagless wireless.

Long and thin

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Logitech G903

The G903 packs pretty much every feature a mouse could have. The spec sheet looks great, the shape is a little bit awkward for gamers.

Get this mouse if you have large hands and like longer mice, and you definitely need a productivity mouse.

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Build & Shape

The shape of the G903 is very distinct, it’s a large ambidextrous mouse with a lot of ridges and edges. The closest mouse size wise is the Rival 600, but the Rival 600’s ergonomic shape and sloping design make it a much easier mouse to handle for the average sized hand.

The G903 measures in at 13.03 cm length, 6.65 cm in width with a height of 4.04cm. The shape is consistent throughout the mouse with the width and height of the mouse staying pretty much the same from front to back. The grips recess slightly but with the weight of the mouse and the lack of rubberized grips I found the mouse a little more cumbersome to pick up than the Rival 600 or G703.

With medium sized hands, I only find the mouse comfortable to use in a claw grip, the length and height of the mouse makes it very difficult for me to palm grip it. We’d recommend this mouse to medium claw grippers and large palm grip users, this isn’t going to be the most comfortable mouse you’re going to come across most likely.

The mouse is made of a matte plastic, it feels nice in the hand and hasn’t gotten shiny over extended play periods. The sides of the mouse when gripped hard does flex a little bit, kind of disappointing for a mouse at this price point. The scroll wheel has a left and right click, so when shaken the wheel does rattle, not a huge concern.

The bottom of the mouse features 4 well-sized feet, the feet are comparable to the G703 in terms of slickness and serve the mouse well.

Overall the mouse has a very aggressive gamer aesthetic with sharp lines and a thanos-like inset on the heel of the mouse.

Sensor & Performance

The G903 packs in the ever-present PMW3366 sensor and weighs in at 110 grams with an optional 10 gram weight. Of course, with the PMW3366 the G903 tracks perfectly with no acceleration, no prediction, jitter and no angle snapping.

G903 Paint Test

Since the G903 is wireless, there’s no cord to contest with on the mouse pad. The G903 can be used in wired mode while charging, we wouldn’t recommend it as the cord is the standard super thick braided Logitech cable.

As with all recent wireless Logitech mice, the G903 has a wired-like lag-free response time.

If you like the shape or can get used to it, then the G903 will serve really well in a competitive setting. I personally tested this mouse in Overwatch and it helped me climb a decent amount of SR.

Buttons & Scroll Wheel

The Logitech G903 has the ability to have a whopping 11 re-programmable clicks:

  • 2 primary
  • 4 side buttons
  • 3 scroll clicks
  • 2 dpi

The Logitech features the standard 50 million click rated Omron switches for the primary buttons, the implementation of these switches in the G903 is fantastic, whatever Logitech is doing with their tensioning system is working, these are top tier buttons. No comfort grooves on the primary clicks contributes to the general discomfort I had using this mouse.

g903 top

The middle click on this mouse is another story, the scroll wheel button feels mushy and dense, it’s a fatiguing button. At first, I thought this was due to the G903 featuring side click ability as well on the scroll wheel, but when comparing to the G502, that middle click button feels much better despite having all the same features as the G903.

The side buttons on the scroll wheel itself are pretty good, much better than the G502’s implementation which feels a little wobbly and unstable.

The scroll wheel itself is great, steps are distinct without being overly loud. The infinite scroll on the G903 is a standout feature, just below the scroll wheel, a toggle button keeps the scroll wheel from scrolling indefinitely, if you hit that button to release the lock you get a smooth long scroll, perfect for browsing long pages and scrubbing through video files, less useful in gaming applications.

The removable side buttons on the G903 are good, they’re well placed and have the right amount of tactility and travel.

Removable side buttons
You can put side buttons on both sides of the mouse or just one, your preference.

The G903 features two buttons below the scroll wheel with the default function of stepping up and down DPI, they’re well placed and could be used for other functions like weapon swapping or skill hot keys.

Features & Software

The G903 packs a ton of things into one pricey package, all the standard Logitech features are here running on Logitech Gaming Software:

  • Surface tuning
  • RGB lighting settings
  • DPI stepping
  • Saved profiles on the mouse
  • Button remapping
  • Input analysis
  • Macro recording

Being a wireless mouse, the RGB on the mouse is fairly basic with one illuminated G icon.

The battery life is very good for a wireless mouse packing this much technology, with RGB on the G903 will last roughly 24 hours, 32 hours with the RGB lights off. You can still use the G903 in wired mode to charge while gaming, or you can buy the Logitech Powerplay mouse pad to charge this mouse wirelessly.

G703 can be wireless charged with the powerplay mouse pad

The weight system is basic for the G903, just a 10 gram weighted disc that can be placed into bottom of the mouse.

Logitech G900 vs G903 differences

These mice are exactly the same with the exception that the G903 can charge wirelessly via the Powerplay mouse pad, if you aren’t going to be picking that up and don’t care about wireless charging then you can get the G900 and save some bucks knowing its almost the same mouse as the G903. The G903 also comes with an optional 10 gram weight that the G900 doesn’t have if that matters to you, but I’d recommend you not using the extra weight.

Warranty & Reliability

The Logitech G903 is backed by a 2 year warranty. Logitech’s warranty is usually superb, my G403 scroll wheel started to act randomly and Logitech replaced the mouse with a G703 very quickly.  You can buy with confidence when dealing with Logitech products.

At Logitech, it is our goal to ensure you are completely satisfied with your Logitech purchase. We take pride in the products and services we offer, and want our customers to enjoy them just as much as we do. If you are experiencing an issue, please click on one of the following links to learn more about the Logitech warranty.

Check out Logitech warranty here

Tech Specs


  • Length: 13.03 cm
  • Width:6.65 cm
  • Height: 4.04 cm
  • Shape: Ambidextrous
  • Weight: 110 grams
  • Cable: 1.8 metres, stiff braid


  • Sensor: Pixart PMW3366
  • Buttons: Omron
  • Polling Rate: 200 to 1000 Hz
  • DPI: 200 to 12,000
  • Buttons: 9 + 2 DPI switchers
  • Software: Logitech Gaming Software and G Hub
  • Connectivity: Wired and Wireless
  • Battery Life: 32 hours (RGB off), 24 hours (RGB on)
  • Recharge time: approx 2 hours, wireless charging option with Powerplay
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