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Logitech Gaming Software vs G Hub

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Logitech Gaming Software vs Logitech G Hub

Right now, there are two software options to customize and set your Logitech gaming peripherals, which one is better?

One isn’t better than the other, they’re both viable options and do the same things.

Logitech Gaming Software has been around much longer and supports more devices, it has an older UI that has generally looked the same for years but it is definitely functional.

Logitech G Hub is Logitech’s newer offering with a sleeker and more modern UI. G Hub currently only supports modern Logitech gaming devices and is in early access.

As of today, I’d recommend going with Logitech Gaming Software, it’s more stable, has the same features and is more proven than G Hub.

What is Logitech Gaming Software?

Logitech Gaming Software is Logitech’s legacy gaming software released in early 2010’s. The software allows you to configure settings for Logitech gaming devices like mice, keyboards and headsets.

Logitech Gaming Software Download

You can download the latest version of Logitech Gaming Software here: https://support.logitech.com/en_us/software/lgs, after which you just double click the .exe and follow the wizard.

Supported Devices

Logitech supports all of their modern gaming devices.

Gaming Mice
  • Wireless Gaming Mouse G700
  • PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Pro Gaming Mouse
  • Optical Gaming Mouse G400
  • MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse
  • MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse
  • Laser Mouse G9X: Made for Call of Duty
  • Gaming Mouse G500
  • Gaming Mouse G300
  • G9x Laser Mouse
  • G903 Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G9 Laser Mouse
  • G703 Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse
  • G603 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G600 MMO Gaming MouseG502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse
  • G502 PROTEUS CORE Tunable Gaming Mouse
  • G502 HERO Gaming Mouse
  • G500s Laser Gaming Mouse
  • G403 Prodigy Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G403 Prodigy Wired Gaming Mouse
  • G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse
  • G400s Optical Gaming Mouse
  • G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition Gaming Mouse
  • G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse
  • G300s Optical Gaming Mouse
  • G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse
  • G100s Optical Gaming Mouse
Gaming Keyboards
  • Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Gaming Keyboard G510
  • Gaming Keyboard G110
  • Gaming Keyboard G105
  • G910 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G710 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G610 Orion Red Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
  • G610 Orion Brown Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
  • G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G510s Gaming Keyboard
  • G413 Carbon / Silver Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G410 Atlas Spectrum RGB Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • G19s Gaming Keyboard
  • G19 Keyboard for Gaming
  • G15 Gaming Keyboard
  • G11 Gaming Keyboard
Gaming Headsets and Other
  • Wireless Gaming Headset G930
  • G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G933 Artemis Spectrum Snow Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset
  • G633 Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G533 Wireless Gaming Headset
  • G433 Gaming Headset
  • G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset
  • G35 Surround Sound Headset
  • C920s HD Pro Webcam

Using Logitech Gaming Software – Features


Logitech Gaming Software auto profile screen

Logitech Gaming Software lets you save profiles on-board,on-computer or with automatic game detection.

With your profiles you can set what each mouse button does, you can choose to re-map to another mouse click, and keyboard stroke or a recorded macro.

Logitech Gaming Software sensitivity profiles screen

On this page you can also set DPI sensitivity with multiple levels and a shift DPI setting.

Lastly, you can set the polling rate of your mouse in this view.


Logitech Gaming Software lighting screen

This is where you set your mouse’s lighting settings by zone.

Here, you can set lighting mode, speed, brightness and sleep timer.

You can pick colours from any of the 16.8 million using the colour wheel or a specific RGB value.

With multiple devices, you can sync your colour settings across so your gaming setup has unified look.

Battery Settings

Logitech Gaming Software battery screen

The battery tab gives you the option to select some pre-set lighting modes that are more battery friendly.

This tab acts primarily as a dashboard showing you how much your settings drain your mouse’s battery, a  higher polling rate drains your battery faster as does brighter RGBs for example, the software will give you an estimate of remaining battery life and your mouse’s current battery levels.

Surface Tuning

Logitech Gaming Software surface tuning screen

Surface tuning optimizes your mouse for the mousepad (or desk) you have. This will improve tracking and lift off distance.

Logitech Gaming Software lets you store multiple surface profiles in case you travel with your mouse or switch up your surface regularly.

Using surface tuning is pretty easy, just hit add a new surface, name your surface and follow the wizard and drag your mouse until the software tunes the surface.

Input Analysis

Logitech Gaming Software input analysis screen

Kind of a useless feature but even more useless for mice, input analysis records and displays button heat maps to show how often and how long you press a button, not sure what uses this could have but I’m not surprised they didn’t bring it over to G Hub.

To use input analysis, simply activate it and LGS will record your button presses over time until you stop it, then it’ll spit out a heatmap.

Logitech Gaming Software troubleshooting

Here are some common issues that arise with Logitech Gaming Software, generally, it’s a pretty reliable piece of software so hopefully you don’t run into any of these issues, if you do however, here are some proposed fixes.

Not opening or loading

There are several reasons why your software isn’t opening, the first thing to try is to uninstall and reinstall or update your install of Logitech Gaming Software.

There could be a chance that the firmware of the mouse is preventing LGS from starting up, if that’s the case, unplug the mouse or the dongle if its wireless and see if LGS opens that way, if it does make sure to update any devices and the software if they’re available.

Not detecting mouse

First off you should double check to see if your device is compatible with Logitech Gaming Software, if it’s not compatible you’re out of luck, you could always get a new Logitech mouse, take a look at our best Logitech gaming mouse post or Best Gaming Mouse if you don’t absolutely need a Logitech.

Try rolling back the version of LGS if you had just updated your software.

You can also try to set the mode of the Logitech Gaming Software .exe to run as an administrator.

Check to make sure your cable or USB connection is solid and not damaged.

Profile auto game detection not working

If you’re Logitech Gaming Software isn’t detecting gaming software make sure to try the following:

  1. Make sure your profiles are associated to the correct game .exe., if they aren’t LGS won’t auto-switch profiles to work.
  2. Try disabling your antivirus/firewall, if it starts working try to make sure LGS is on an exception list.
  3. Turn on lock profile while game is running, this setting makes sure that no other background interrupts the detection of LGS.

LGS keeps resetting

If you are ever having trouble keeping profile settings to stick do this:

  1. Close Logitech Gaming Software
  2. Navigate to: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Logitech\Logitech Gaming Software\
  3. Locate settings.json and rename it to settings.json.bak
  4. Restart logitech gaming software and it will make a new settings.json 

Sometimes the file gets a little wonky and the software has trouble writing the settings to save. A fresh file usually fixes this issue.

How to uninstall Logitech Gaming Software

Open your start menu and locate or search for “Uninstall a program” then find Logitech Gaming Software, follow the wizard to uninstall.

What is Logitech G Hub?

Logitech G Hub is a modern version of their gaming software, Logitech Gaming Software was developed in the early 2010’s. G Hub currently doesn’t add any new functionality and currently only supports more recently released Logitech gear.

The major difference is that G Hub is laid out in a bit more of intuitive manner, going forward from 2019, all Logitech devices will use Logitech G Hub.

G Hub also has a few extra features that are unrelated to setting up your mouse, it has OBS integration for streaming and Discord integrations.

There are some inconsistencies and reliability concerns with G Hub so as long as your mouse works with LGS I’d recommend using that, until G Hub polishes up.

Logitech G Hub Download

You can download the latest version of G Hub from Logitech’s site here: https://support.logitech.com/en_ca/software/lghub, once downloaded open the .exe and follow the wizard. You don’t need to uninstall LGS as long as it is up to date.

Supported Devices

Gaming Mice
  • G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G900 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G600 Gaming Mouse
  • G502 RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse
  • G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G403 Gaming Mouse
  • PRO Gaming Mouse
  • G302 Daedalus Prime
  • G402 Hyperion Fury
  • G502 Proteus Core
  • Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G502 Hero Gaming Mouse
Gaming Keyboards
  • G915 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G910 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G810 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G610 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G512 Carbon RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G513 Carbon/Silver RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G213 RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • PRO Gaming Keyboard
  • G310 Atlas Dawn
  • G103 Gaming Keyboard
Gaming Headsets and Other
  • G935 LIGHTSYNC Wireless Gaming Headset
  • G933 Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G635 LIGHTSYNC Wired Gaming Headset
  • G633 RGB 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G533 Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers
  • G433 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G432 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G332 Stereo Gaming Headset

Using G Hub: Features

As of right now, there aren’t many new features with G Hub, the main benefit of G Hub is its redesigned UI. You can do everything you can do in the Logitech gaming software minus input analysis, there are new features in G Hub that allow you to download profiles from other Logitech users.

Logitech G Hub main screen

The main screen lets you see all your Logitech gaming devices as well as the ability to browse community made lighting and gaming profiles.

Once clicked into a device, you can set lighting like can in Logitech Gaming Software. All the same settings are here.

Logitech G Hub button assignment screen

The next tab down are the button assignment tabs, here you can assign any button on a mouse or keyboard to a native windows command, key press, recorded macro, and some integrated Discord and OBS actions.

Logitech G Hub DPI settings screen

Lastly, you have the ability to set up DPI steps on your mouse, drag the points off to delete your DPI steps. You also have the ability to set your mouse’s polling rate here, you should set it to 1000 Hz for the most responsive feel, but 500 Hz is adequate if you want to save some battery life.

Logitech G Hub settings screen

Lastly, you have the settings screen where you can see battery drain rate, here’s where you can add surfaces to tune to your mouse.

Common Issues with G Hub

Not detecting mouse

G Hub has limited support compared to Logitech Gaming Software, please be sure to check for update and see if your device has been added to G Hubs list of supported devices. Otherwise, common checks here, make sure your USB connection is solid.

Not opening or loading

If you have LGS also installed, try uninstalling both G Hub and LGS and then just installing G Hub.

Try restarting your computer and re-launching. If that doesn’t work a re-install may be in order.

You can also try deleting the Logitech folder in AppData to reset settings after uninstalling to get a super clean install. Lastly, if it’s getting stuck on startup, take G Hub off of the startup list, reboot and run G Hub as administrator to try to prompt an update.

Not installing

Make sure you have a clean install environment, make sure all previous installs of LGS and G Hub are uninstalled and use something like Revo Uninstaller to get rid of any remnant files.

How to uninstall G Hub

Using the native windows installer, hit the start menu, search for or navigate to “Add or Remove Programs” find Logitech G Hub and follow the wizard to uninstall.

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  2. “Right now, there are two software options to customize and set your Logitech gaming peripherals, which one is better?”

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    1. I still have a G13 and modern keyboard and mouse.. i have to use both software. In my opinion LGS is better than Hub. Hub gives me more problems, from not working to not switching profiles and even deleting profiles.. a lot of times it doesn’t start at all. Imo Hub is a piece of crap, they should had revamp LGS interface and support newer hardware.

      1. yea I have the same problem. I have the Logitech G105 keyboard but the Logitech Prodigy G203 mouse. ist really annoying that I have to use both software I hope that in the future they are gone support older devices.

  3. I’ve been a big fan of Logitech for many years and pretty much all my gaming accessories were always by them. Mouse, Keyboard and Headset. Now my G930 headset doesn’t charge anymore (around 4 years old) and I was going to replace it with the new G PRO X headset. However, I luckily read in an Amazon review about the new G Hub software and that it doesn’t support older devices such as my G15 Keyboard which I’ve had vor over 10 years and no intention of replacing since it’s still working fine. But the Logitech gaming software does not support the G PRO, so effectively with their introduction of this new software and not making it downwards compatible with older devices they are forcing me to switch to another brand. Pretty dumb if you ask me…

  4. I got a replacement G603 mouse, but this stupid software won’t recognize the new mouse. It has the previous mouse saved in the profile and somewhere in the registry – can’t delete the old mouse, uninstalling doesn’t help either!!!

  5. G-Hub seemed good at first when I installed it after getting a new PC (I switched from LGS on my old PC). But it turns out this is by far one of the worst programs I have ever used. In the time that it was working, binding keys to mouse buttons was really slow, G-Hub sometimes got stuck in the launching logo thing and never came back, and now, the final issue, G-Hub didn’t detect any of my devices (I have G933, G213, and G502, which basically means I can’t use G-Hub to do anything with them 🙁 ). I highly advise everyone to use LGS instead of G-Hub.

  6. It may be useful to some of you to know that LGS and G Hub work perfectly well together. I found that somewhere on the Internet just using Google. I have also found that they both work fine on my machine. Of course, your mileage might vary.

  7. I forgot something else. I’m using my old G410 keyboard with G Hub. I have had no trouble using it with G Hub. G Hub may work with some other older equipment not listed with the compatible devices. They may just have not bothered testing some of them. Or perhaps in time I will find some setting or feature that I haven’t used will cause a problem. Once again, your mileage could vary.

  8. G910 keeps losing macros. Most annoyingly – GHub won’t open to repair it. So I have to erase every trace of Ghub from my computer and then reinstall GHub and then rebuild all of the macros. This has been an issue for months now and you have done nothing to fix it. Just letting you know that the G910 is the last Logitech product that i intend to buy and i plan to be vocal posting that opinion to as many boards as I can get to.

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