It's hard to keep up with the number of keyboard switches out there. We've tried to make it a little easier by plotting out all the keyboard switches found on the Big List of Keyboard Switches so you can easily compare a switch that you're already familiar with .

The plot is based on actuation travel (measured in mm) and actuation force (measured in grams). The farther up and to the right the switch is, the heavier that particular switch  is in terms of feel.

These plots aren't perfect, they're likely missing a new fangled switch, some data might be missing or off, and some of the bubbles overlap heavily so it's hard to read. You can hover over the plots to get clearer labels and some data points, we'll work on improving these charts to make them more useful.

Pick the category of switch you're interested in comparing. Leave us a comment below if you think there's a way we can make these better for you.


Cherry Switch Chart

Clicky Switch Chart

Tactile Switch Chart

Linear Switch Chart

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