There's no perfect mouse for everyone, it depends on a bunch of factors, grip type, play style and hand size. We've put together a comprehensive list of mice according to size so you can find the right mouse size for your hand.Before looking at mice, You need to know your hand size in order to find the best gaming mouse for you. You can take a ruler or tape measure and just measure out your hands' length and width.
Measuring hand width
Measuring hand width
Measuring hand length
Measuring hand length
As a comparison my hand measures out to 18cm length and 9.5cm width and makes me suitable for medium or large mice. Here's a quick guide to give you a starting point as to which size mouse you might prefer:
  • Small: Under 16.9cm
  • Medium: 17-19.5cm
  • Large: Over 19.6cm
Below is an interactive chart comparison different mouse lengths and widths, with the shade of red indicating height (redder = taller). You can drag a certain area to zoom in if you're comparing between similar sized mice.If you're more of a pure numbers person then scroll down table to sort through mouse sizes. I've included the most popular mice and will continue to add as more mice come out, feel free to comment if you feel like I've missed an important mouse or you spot an error.

Gaming Mouse Size Table

Use this table to find quick references to mouse size and to find gaming mice that have similar sizes to ones you already like.

Mouse (click to see on Amazon)Length (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)Size CategorySensorWeight in gMouse Type
Finalmouse Scream One13.75.65.3LPixart PMW336079Ambidextrous
Finalmouse 2016 - Classic Ergo PMW331074Ambidextrous
Logitech G40213.67.24.1LAvago AM010108Right-handed
SteelSeries Rival 30013.374.5LPixart PMW3310130Right-handed
Logitech G50213.27.54LPixart PMW3366121Right-handed
Logitech G400s13.17.34.3LAvago ADNS-3095109Right-handed
Logitech G40013.17.34.3LAvago ADNS-3095109Right-handed
SteelSeries Rival 60013.16.94.3LSteelSeries TrueMove3+96Right-handed
Fnatic Flick 213.17.024LPixart PMW336093Right-handed
Logitech G90313.036.654.04LPixart PMW3366110Ambidextrous
Cougar Revenger S136.54.3LPixart PMW336094Right-handed
Zowie EC1-B12.86.94.3LPixart PMW336094Right-handed
Zowie EC1-A12.86.94.3LAvago ADNS-331094Right-handed
Zowie ZA1112.86.74M / LAvago ADNS-331090Ambidextrous
FinalMouse Ultralight Pro12.86.0164M / LPixart PMW336067Right-handed
Finalmouse UL Phantom12.86.014M / LPixart PMW336067Ambidextrous
Finalmouse Ninja Air5812.86.014M / LPixart PMW336058Ambidextrous
Zowie FK1+ ADNS-331095Ambidextrous
Zowie FK112.86.73.7M / SAvago ADNS-331090Ambidextrous
SteelSeries Rival 31012.767.14.198LSteelSeries TrueMove388.3Right-handed
Razer DeathAdder Elite12.774.4LPixart PMW3389105Right-handed
ASUS ROG Gladius12.66.74.5LAvago ADNS-3988116Right-handed
Razer Lancehead TE12.67.13.9MPixart PMW3389109Ambidextrous
Nixeus REVEL12.66.83.9MPixart PMW336085Ambidextrous
Dream Machines DM1 Pro12.66.83.9MPixart PMW336085Ambidextrous
SteelSeries Sensei Raw12.556.833.87MAvago ADNS-950090Ambidextrous
SteelSeries Sensei12.556.833.87MAvago ADNS-9500102Ambidextrous
SteelSeries Sensei 31012.517.0393.895MSteelSeries TrueMove392.1Ambidextrous
Razer Mamba Elite12.56.994.33LPixart PMW338996Right-handed
Steelseries Rival 70012.56.94.2LPixart PMW3360135Right-handed
Logitech G Pro Wireless12.56.354M / LHero 16K80Ambidextrous
Cooler Master MasterMouse Pro L12.56.83.8MPixart PMW3360107Ambidextrous
SteelSeries Kinzu v312.4856.8464.197M / LAvago ADNS-3050135Right-handed
Cooler Master Mastermouse MM530 12.486.044.02M / LPixart PMW336099Right-handed
Mionix Avior SK12.49.36.5LPixart PMW331093Ambidextrous
Mionix Avior 700012.49.36.5LPixart PMW331093Ambidextrous
Logitech G40312.46.84.3LPixart PMW336687.3Right-handed
Logitech G70312.46.84.3LPixart PMW3366107Right-handed
Zowie ZA1212.46.43.9MAvago ADNS-331085Ambidextrous
Steelseries Kana V212.46.43.7M / SAvago ADNS-309088Ambidextrous
Zowie FK212.46.43.6SAvago ADNS-331085Ambidextrous
Mionix Castor12.274MPixart PMW331093.8Right-handed
SteelSeries Rival 11012.066.83.812M / SSteelSeries TrueMove187.5Right-handed
Zowie EC2-B126.44MPixart PMW336090Right-handed
Zowie EC2-A126.44MAvago ADNS-331093Right-handed
Zowie EC2 eVo126.44MAvago ADNS-3090s93Right-handed
Zowie ZA13126.23.8M / SAvago ADNS-331080Ambidextrous
SteelSeries Rival 100126.83.7SAvago A3059130Right-handed
Corsair Gaming M65 Pro11.87.23.9M / SPixart PMW3360115Right-handed
Razer Abyssus11.76.43.8SAvago ADNS-3888109Ambidextrous
Logitech G100s11.76.33.7SAvago AM01082.5Ambidextrous
Logitech G30511.666.2153.82SHero99Right-handed
Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse11.66.23.8SPixart PMW336683Ambidextrous
Logitech G30311.56.53.7SPixart PMW336687Right-handed
Roccat Kone Pure Optical11.573.9SPro-Optic Sensor R393Right-handed
Roccat Kone Pure11.573.9SPro-Aim Laser Sensor R393Right-handed
Zowie S112.66.63.9MPixart PMW336087Ambidextrous
Zowie S212.26.43.8M / SPixart PMW336082Ambidextrous
Logitech G MX51813.17.34.3LHERO 16K102Right-handed
Glorious Model O12.85.93.75S / MPixart PMW336069Ambidextrous

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