Gaming Mouse Size Interactive Chart & Table

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There’s no perfect mouse for everyone, it depends on a bunch of factors, grip type, play style and hand size. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of mice according to size so you can find the right mouse size for your hand.

Before looking at mice, you need to know your hand size to find the best gaming mouse for you.

You can take a ruler or tape measure and just measure out your hands’ length and width.

Measuring hand width
Measuring hand width
Measuring hand length
Measuring hand length

As a comparison my hand measures out to 18cm length and 9.5cm width and makes me suitable for medium or large mice. Here’s a quick guide to give you a starting point as to which size mouse you might prefer:

  • Small: Under 16.9cm
  • Medium: 17-19.5cm
  • Large: Over 19.6cm

These parameters are not strict, nuances in grip and preference can mean you prefer a small mouse over a medium mouse despite your hand size, use the above as a starting point not the final one.

Gaming Mouse Size Table

Use this table to find quick references to mouse size and to find gaming mice that have similar sizes to ones you already like. The numbers are measurements of mice I have, spec sheets or a user-generated measurement. I will try to include mid-point widths, but oftentimes these measurements are not available, I’ll continue to update as a find them.

If you’re more of a visual person, then scroll down to the chart plot to see mouse size comparisons. 

Mouse (click to see on Amazon)Length (cm)Mid Width (cm)Height (cm)Size CategorySensorWeight in gMouse Type
Finalmouse Scream One12.76.13.9LPixart PMW336079Ambidextrous
Finalmouse 2016 - Classic Ergo PMW331074Ambidextrous
Razer Naga MMOG11.674.6LRazer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor134Ergonomic
ASUS ROG Gladius12.66.74.5LAvago ADNS-3988116Ergonomic
Roccat Leadr12.684.5LPixart PMW3361129Ergonomic
ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin12.66.74.5LPixart PMW3360110Ergonomic
SteelSeries Rival 30013.374.5LPixart PMW3310130Ergonomic
Razer DeathAdder Elite12.774.4LPixart PMW3389105Ergonomic
Roccat Nyth12.97.84.4LTwin-tech Laser R1120Ergonomic
Logitech G60213.98.34.4LDelta Zero107Ergonomic
Razer Mamba Elite12.56.994.33LPixart PMW338996Ergonomic
Steelseries Rival 50011.97.84.3LPixart PMW3360129Ergonomic
Razer Naga Trinity11.97.44.3LPixart PMW3389120Ergonomic
Logitech G703 Hero12.46.84.3LHERO 16K95Ergonomic
Logitech G70312.46.84.3LPixart PMW3366107Ergonomic
Logitech G40312.46.84.3LPixart PMW336687.3Ergonomic
Roccat Kain 100 AIMO12.46.54.3LPro-Optic Sensor R889Ambidextrous
Roccat Kain 200 AIMO12.46.54.3LTBAAmbidextrous
Razer Basilisk12.47.54.3L5G Optical107Ergonomic
Zowie EC1-B12.86.94.3LPixart PMW336094Ergonomic
Zowie EC1-A12.86.94.3LAvago ADNS-331094Ergonomic
Cougar Revenger S136.54.3LPixart PMW336094Ergonomic
Logitech G400s13.17.34.3LAvago ADNS-3095109Ergonomic
SteelSeries Rival 60013.16.94.3LSteelSeries TrueMove3+96Ergonomic
Logitech G MX51813.17.34.3LHERO 16K102Ergonomic
SteelSeries Rival 65013.16.94.3LSteelSeries TrueMove3+121Ergonomic
Logitech G40013.17.34.3LAvago ADNS-3095109Ergonomic
Steelseries Rival 70012.56.94.2LPixart PMW3360135Ergonomic
G-Wolves Skoll12.56.84.2L/MPixart PMW336066Ergonomic
G-Wolves Skoll Mini11.75564SPixart PMW336045Ergonomic
Glorious Model D12.86.34.2M/LPixart PMW336068Ergonomic
Razer Basilisk Ultimate1364.2LRazer Focus+ Optical Sensor100Ergonomic
SteelSeries Rival 31012.767.14.198LSteelSeries TrueMove388.3Ergonomic
SteelSeries Rival 71012.487.624.17LSteelSeries TrueMove3+135Ergonomic
Logitech G60011.87.54.1M133Ergonomic
Logitech G604138 (6.3 grip width)4.5LHERO 16K135Ergonomic
Logitech G40213.67.24.1LAvago AM010108Ergonomic
Corsair Harpoon11.56.834.04MPixart PMW332085Ergonomic
Logitech G90313.036.654.04LPixart PMW3366110Ambidextrous
Cooler Master Mastermouse MM530 12.486.044.02M / LPixart PMW336099Ergonomic
Zowie EC2 eVo126.44MAvago ADNS-3090s93Ergonomic
Zowie EC2-A126.44MAvago ADNS-331093Ergonomic
Zowie EC2-B126.44MPixart PMW336090Ergonomic
Mionix Castor12.274MPixart PMW331093.8Ergonomic
Logitech G Pro Wireless12.56.354M / LHero 16K80Ambidextrous
Roccat AIMO12.58.54LOwl-Eye optical sensor130Ergonomic
Zowie ZA1112.86.74M / LAvago ADNS-331090Ambidextrous
Finalmouse UL Phantom12.86.014M / LPixart PMW336067Ambidextrous
FinalMouse Ultralight Pro12.86.0164M / LPixart PMW336067Ambidextrous
Finalmouse Ninja Air5812.86.014M / LPixart PMW336058Ambidextrous
Fnatic Flick 213.17.024LPixart PMW336093Ergonomic
Logitech G50213.27.54LPixart PMW3366121Ergonomic
G-Wolves Hati12.425.783.96MPixart PMW336060Ambidextrous
Roccat Kone Pure Optical11.573.9SPro-Optic Sensor R393Ergonomic
Roccat Kone Pure11.573.9SPro-Aim Laser Sensor R393Ergonomic
Corsair Gaming M65 Pro11.87.23.9M / SPixart PMW3360115Ergonomic
Zowie ZA1212.46.43.9MAvago ADNS-331085Ambidextrous
Nixeus REVEL12.66.83.9MPixart PMW336085Ambidextrous
Dream Machines DM1 Pro12.66.83.9MPixart PMW336085Ambidextrous
Zowie S112.66.63.9MPixart PMW336087Ambidextrous
SteelSeries Sensei 31012.517.0393.895MSteelSeries TrueMove392.1Ambidextrous
SteelSeries Sensei Raw12.556.833.87MAvago ADNS-950090Ambidextrous
SteelSeries Sensei12.556.833.87MAvago ADNS-9500102Ambidextrous
Logitech G30511.666.2153.82SHero99Ambidextrous
ENDGAME XM112.216.583.82MPixart PMW338970Ambidextrous
SteelSeries Rival 11012.066.83.812M / SSteelSeries TrueMove187.5Ergonomic
nkey g00710.45.83.8SPixart PMW 333080Ambidextrous
Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse11.66.23.8SPixart PMW336683Ambidextrous
Logitech G Pro HERO Gaming Mouse11.66.23.8SHERO 16K83Ambidextrous
Razer Lancehead TE11.77.13.8MPixart PMW3389104Ambidextrous
Coolermaster MM71011.76.353.8SPixart PMW338953Ambidextrous
Zowie ZA13126.23.8M / SAvago ADNS-331080Ambidextrous
Zowie S212.26.43.8M / SPixart PMW336082Ambidextrous
Cooler Master MasterMouse Pro L12.56.83.8MPixart PMW3360107Ambidextrous
Zowie FK1+ ADNS-331095Ambidextrous
Razer Viper12.676.623.781MRazer 5G69Ambidextrous
Glorious Model O12.85.93.75M / LPixart PMW336069Ambidextrous
Razer Abyssus11.476.33.73SPixart PMW332578Ambidextrous
Logitech G30311.56.53.7SPixart PMW336687Ergonomic
Logitech G100s11.76.33.7SAvago AM01082.5Ambidextrous
Asus ROG Pugio126.83.7MPMW3330103Ambidextrous
SteelSeries Rival 100126.83.7SAvago A3059130Ergonomic
Steelseries Kana V212.46.43.7M / SAvago ADNS-309088Ambidextrous
Mionix Avior 700012.56.53.7M/ SPixart PMW331093Ambidextrous
Zowie FK112.863.7M / SAvago ADNS-331090Ambidextrous
Glorious Model O-125.83.6MPixart PMW336059Ambidextrous
Zowie FK212.45.83.6SAvago ADNS-331085Ambidextrous
Finalmouse Ultralight PMW336048Ambidextrous
Mad Catz RAT49.56.53.5S / MPixart PMW 333091Ergonomic
SteelSeries Kinzu v311.76.33.5S / MAvago ADNS-305077Ergonomic
Razer Atheris9.96.283.41SPixart PMW 333966Ambidextrous
Roccat Lua11.56.53.4SPro-Optic (R2) sensor68Ambidextrous
Zaunkoenig M1K7.963SPixart PMW336023Ambidextrous
Razer Viper Ultimate12.676.623.781MRazer 5G74Ambidextrous
Razer Viper Mini11.835.353.83S61Ambidextrous
Razer DeathAdder Mini12.76.174.27M62Ergonomic
Glorious Model D-126.14SPixart PMW336061Ergonomic
Ducky FeatherPixart PMW338965Ambidextrous
Zygee Vaxen125.93.9SPixArt PMW338975Ergonomic

Below is an interactive chart comparison of different mouse lengths and widths, with the shade of red showing height (redder = taller). You can drag a certain area to zoom in if you’re comparing between similar-sized mice.


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165 Responses

  1. The grip width for the FK1+ is not using the part where you grip, which is arguably the most important. You can see the mouse dimensions on the Zowie site and they list it as 6.2 cm.

    1. No you’re right Michael, they updated the G Pro hero with a hero sensor, they’re different models of mice, I’ll add a row for the G Pro Hero.

  2. Is this allowed to ask lmao. Would the Glorious Model O be a good mouse if the g305 is too small, sides are awkward and the g502 is too big, heavy and narrow? I want the Glorious Model O, but am hoping it is the sweet spot between the g305 and g502 for palm aiming.

    1. Of course this is allowed to be asked, it’s what we’re here for.

      The Model O is the right size between the G305 and G502, I don’t think its particularly the best palm grip mouse if that’s what you’re used to, it’s the pretty much the same shape as the FK1, and is more suited for a claw/fingertip.

      What size your hands? Some good candidates could be the G703, Zowie S2 or EC2 for palm grip.

  3. hello ist rival 300 good for palm grip im looking for large mouse my hand size 20 cm, 10 cm. im using now roccat emp size ist good but very slipery i cant aim . maybe roccat leadr or rival 300

    1. Hey there! Sorry for the late reply. The Rival 300 should be a good shape for your hand size and is good for palm.

      It doesn’t have a top tier sensor, a Rival 310 is slightly smaller but with a better sensor, the 600 is a good size for you too with a flawless sensor.

      All the rival mouse mentioned above have rubber side grips so you shouldn’t have any slip issues.

  4. Hey,
    I wanted to know the moderate gaming mouse with decent sensor and not too costly. My hand size is 20cm and 10cm. I am currently thinking of Logitech g402 maybe you can advice me with better mouse. Much appreciated.

    1. Hi Vineet,

      The G402 is probably the right size mouse for you, but the sensor isn’t completely flawless, if you like that style of mouse with the extra buttons and ergo shape, I’d recommend the G502, it has a flawless sensor, and has all those extra buttons, it is a bit heavier though.

      The g703 is a also a good option.

  5. Hey. I’m right handed and my hand is roughly 20 cm in length (more like 19.6) with a 10 cm width. What mouse would you suggest?

      1. Wow. Really sorry for the late reply. I play Counterstrike. I’ve only had ambidextrous mice though, as to be honest I didn’t know that ergonomic mice were a thing. I do experience a bit of pain in my hand whenever practicing though (broke it in the 8th grade). What would you suggest?

        1. My favorite mouse feel wise I’ve had is the Redragon m702 Phoenix (I didn’t know that it actually mattered what mouse you had when I first got my PC lol)

        2. No problem!

          The Model O has a great ambidextrous shape, I forgot to ask, what type of grip do you have? If it’s fingertip I think the Model O is a good fit, or something slightly smaller like the FK2 or GPW.

          If you’re more of a palmer the Zowie S2/S1 might be a good fit.

          Sorry to hear about the hand pain! Do you claw grip your mouse tightly?

          1. Honestly I’d say it’s a mix between palm and fingertip grip. For reference I currently have a steelseries sensei 310 and it’s very uncomfortable for me. What would you say are the benefits of having an ergonomic mouse?

            Also while practicing my grip might be a little tight but it’s something I dont particularly notice; any other time there is no pain.

  6. Hey
    My hands measure 17.5 x 9.5 and i play with a claw and palm hybrid. I currently use the G402 but it’s too big for my hands. Can tou suggest me a mouse? i primarily play csgo

    1. Hey there saurabh, If you’re looking for another ergonomic mouse I’d suggest taking a look at the EC2-B, really nice ergonomic medium sized mouse.

      The G Pro Wireless, FK2 or G305 are really good options for ambidextrous mice, the FK2 is a really good fingertip/claw mouse.

  7. Hello!
    My hand measurements are 16.9 x 9.4, I use the Logitech G pro at the moment, looking to get a different mouse. The G rpo feels a bit awkward in my hand. I was wondering on your list the Glorious Model 0 says its for s/m, but the measurements seem a little big? Do you recommend it for small-medium hands? I was also looking at a mouse that I don’t see on this list, but similar mouse, called the G-wolves Skoll gaming mouse that’s set to come out later this month, I use a light palm grip on my mouse. Is there any other mouse you can suggest? (Incase you want to check out the G wolves Skoll)

    1. Hey Elohelsjp,

      The size on the Model O was incorrect, I’ve fixed it, it’s definitely a larger mouse similar in size to the FK1.

      I have a G Wolves on the way and I’ll have that review up and comparison as soon as I get it.

      If you’re looking for a smaller ergo, the Zowie EC2 is a great mouse for your hand size and it looks pretty similar in shape the G wolves mouse.

      If you’re looking for ultralights for this hand size I don’t think any exist yet, the G Pro Wireless is actually much more comfortable than the regular G Pro. and is good for your hand size.

      1. Thank you for replying! Also thank you for everything that you do!

        So do you think that the G-Wolves mice might be a little to big for my hand size, based on the measurements they give?

        1. Thanks for the nice words!

          It might be a little big, given its height and width. If you could get your hands on a G703 and try that, the G Wolves looks a little smaller than that.

          I’ve found the Model O a little big for my hands but a G703 totally fine with a palm grip.

  8. No problem! You sure are helping people pick the right accessories for their gaming/home computer setup and with all the different styles and brands it sure helps with all the knowledge you can share with everyone!

    Sounds good I’ll check out the Zowie EC2 I’ve heard some good things about that mice as well! and ill check out a G703 to see how that feels in my hands!
    Im a little scared to test the G pro Wireless, I’ve heard very mixed reviews and with the price tag it’ll be hard to ignore the negatives, I’ve heard such as the left and right buttons catching on to teach other. If you think otherwise let me know, I’ve only heard reviews, never checked if they fixed any issues.

    Thanks again for the help! If there is any other mice that you recommend, that comes to mind, let me know!

  9. hello, please also include mice that are shorter than 11.5cm? (atheris, rat 4?) my exclusive fingertip grip and small hands can’t grip anything larger than 11cm 🙁

    1. Hey Alli,

      Added a bunch of smaller mice, let me know if there are others you’d like to see here. The G007 looks promising!

  10. I’m curious as to whether the length and width changed much between the Corsair M65 PRO and M65 ELITE? I couldn’t see the ELITE on the chart unfortunately.

    I myself have a hand length of 16-16.5cm and a width of 10cm and am trying to find out if the ELITE would be suitable for me – any input?


    1. I’ll add the elite on there, the elite is lighter than the pro and has a newer Pixart sensor, I think it’s safe to say if you like the Pro you’ll like the Elite better, the shape should be the same.

  11. My hand’s length is 19cm and width is around 9cm, and I’m palm gripper, which one should I go for mm710 or model o?

    1. Hey Pump,

      I’m similar sized hands to you, the Model O is a little bit big for me, it’s also lower to the group so it’s a little tougher for palm grip. I think the MM710 is a better bet.

  12. Hi, i have 18cm by 10cm hands, hybrid claw fingertip grip and play moba and FPS. i actually really like the ec2b but my only issue is the set DPI as i play at 1100 usually.

    1. Hey Bill!

      EC2b is a great mouse! If you’re looking to try something new, I think with a finger tip/claw hybrid a slightly smaller ambidextrous mouse might work well for you. The Model O- might be a good choice, same length but shorter for a better claw/tip grip. Something shorter like the MM710 or the G305 might be good choices as well.

  13. Hi, first sorry fot my bad English 🙂 . i have same size your hands, my grip style claw but i use relax claw when i am tired. Your comment is very important because i don’t have a chance to try. Which mouse should i choose ? I have a few options in mind.

    G-305 – Model O – S2 – Rival 110 What is your opinion ?


  14. Oh and im a palm/finger tip grip type of person, and prefer a Logitech mouse like the G402 (where the buttons are). Would it be better getting the G502?

    1. Hey Fraxio,

      Looks like you’re on the right track, the G502 is a decent mouse and I think an improvement on the G402. I think the G703/G403 might be right up your alley. It’s a little taller and bigger in general but I think it might work really well for you and your palm grip.

  15. Hi, first sorry for my bad English 🙂 . i have same size your hands, my grip style claw but i use relax claw when i am tired. Your comment is very important because i don’t have a chance to try. Which mouse should i choose ? I have a few options in mind.

    G-305 – Model O – S2 – Rival 110 What is your opinion ?


    Please answer.

    1. Hey Arthur! Sorry I missed your first comment!

      I think out of those options, the S2 and G305 are your best choices, the Model O is a bit too long and big.

      The Model O- might be a good mouse for your grip too but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

  16. Any recommendations for me? Good Mouse for around 50€ for my Handsize? (18,5 x 8.5)
    I use a mix between Palm and Claw Grip
    I dont like heavy or too big mouse. I use a Sharkoon Drakonia 2 (12,7 x 8,3 x 4,2 cm 134g) atm.
    and its too heavy and big for my Hand.

    1. Heyy BZK,

      For 50€ I think the Zowie FK2 might be close, or the Cooler Master MM710 or 530 would be good choices for a palm/claw hybrid.

        1. The Rival 310 is a unique shape, but it’s a good mouse. I would say to try that mouse out before buying because it’s not super universal, but for a palm grip it should be good.

  17. Hey. Im a fingertip grip player and I have big hands 11.5 x 22.5 cm, so far I’ve tried the G703, G Pro Wireless, G502, Rival 600, and the Razer Viper. By far i play the best with the g502. I Asked on Reddit and Someone suggested the FK1+. So i ordered that and the Divina S1. I seem to prefer heavier mice. or maybe its just the width of the g502 that I like. Was wondering if you had any suggestions.

    1. Hey Swagneto, this might be tough to find a better fir than the G502, was the G703 too tall for fingertip? FK1+ is the right suggestion for a big finger tip grip but if you like wide then the FK shape might not be right for you.

      Rival 500, Rival 300 might be decent bets, they’re pretty tall and wide.

      The Mionix Naos is super wide and has a decent sensor.

  18. Do you have any information on the G-Wolves Skoll and the Hati? If so would you recommend the Skoll to me, I want to try a light-weight mouse? I have a Medium-Sized right hand about 18.5cm long more or less and 9cm wide. I’m a fingertip grip player and I mostly play CS: GO. I currently only have the DeathAdder Elite, and I want to upgrade to a lightweight mouse but I’m not sure about buying lightweight mice. Could you give me some suggestions?

    1. I also like when I grip the DeathAdder on the right side of the mouse. Are the shape of the Skoll and the Hati the same as the DeathAdder?

      1. Hey Kydesu,

        I’m actually waiting on the skoll to ship to me, it looks like it’s stuck somewhere overseas.

        The skoll is likely going to be the lightweight mouse for you since it’s an ultralight ergo. The shape isn’t exactly like the Deathadder, its much closer to the EC shape which is still a great shape.

        The Hati is ambidextrous so a bigger difference from the DeathAdder,

  19. Hello,i`m trying hard to find a mouse that fits my small hand (17cm)
    I used Mionix Castor and it felt really good,sadly it broke down and i dont find it anymore
    Tried Deathadder(too big), razer naga(was perfect,but broken down),Logitech g203(a big too small for my palm/claw hybrid grip,rival 110(decent shape but left/right click took too long to press)
    Could you please recommend me a mouse for my hand dimensions/ grip with clicks that are decently sensible at pressing?
    I was thinking about zowie ec2-b but i`m not sure.
    Thanks in advance !

  20. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for all the info, seems like you like ergos and you’re looking for a medium sized mouse with little pre-travel on the main buttons.

    I think the EC2-B is a good choice, the G Wolves Skoll might be an interesting option too. The G Pro Wireless or Zowie [email protected] might be good options for you as well.

  21. Hi there, great work bro. I onced used rival 100 but its side buttons were too slim for me so I bought a Rival 310. I compared both’s width and they are prety the same. But I feel like the rival 310 is a little bit too big for me compared to the rival 100. I have a hand size of 19.5×9.5cm and your chart confused me, and now I’m not sure if I should keep the rival 310 anymore because my handsize is M while the mouse itself is L-sized, but you wrote “18.5cm hand length which mean I belong to M and L group”, which confused me a lot. I mainly play csgo and aim mainly with wrist (not elbow), palm grip and claw grip hybrid. I’ve using it for almost 1 month and I feel like my aim is not as confident as before, though I am getting used to the new mouse. Should I continue using the rival 310? And if no, which mouse do you recommend at the same price tag with rival 310? Thanks in advance and sorry for my English

    1. Hey Pham,

      I think the major difference you’re feeling between the 310 and the 100 is the height of the 310, it’s a decent amount taller than the 100 so it feels a lot bigger in the hand.

      My rough guidelines don’t cover that, and that’s a good point I should update the post with a bit more guidance there.

      If you’re finding the Rival 310 a little too large to use I think the Zowie EC2-B or the Roccat Kone Pure Owl Eye might work better for you, a little shorter than the Rival 310, and around the same price.

      And your English is great, no trouble understanding at all 🙂

  22. Hello, my hand size is 18cm length and 10cm width I’m a palm gripper, I’m play fps games for the most part and was wondering which mouse would be the best for me ty

  23. Sorry actually I have the same size hand as you I was measuring my hand a little wrong so I have 18cm and 9.5cm and looking for the best mouse for me to palm grip and for fps games if possible could you plz give me an option of a few mice that would work for me and ty so much

    1. Hey James,

      I think the Zowie EC-2-B is a really good choice for a palm grip with our hand-size, really really good for FPS as well and proven in CS:GO circuits.

      If you’re looking for more ambidextrous, I’d say the Zowie S2 is a good contender.

      For wireless, I like the Logitech G Pro Wireless.

      The G Wolves Skoll should be good too but I haven’t gotten that mouse in yet.

  24. This chart needs a serious overhaul, the widths are all over the map, some are the grip width and some the width at the widest point. Ideally, both would be listed for proper reference. At the very least, one or the other should be listed, as it stands, it’s confusing at best and useless at worst. Please correct or list which width is being cited.

    1. Hey Arian, we’re similar hand sizes, I like the G403 for palm grip at my hand size, I think it should be okay, what mouse are you coming from?

  25. I have a Steelseries Rival 300 which I’ve been using for a few years now, but the rubber is wearing off pretty badly so it’s time for a change. Found a decent deal on a Logitech G403 as a replacement. My hands are 20x11cm. Sound like a decent fit?

    1. Hey Tomas, I think the G403 is a decent fit here, the Rival 300 has a taller back hump, while the G403 is a little more distributed, filling in the hand, but I think that’s going to be a close enough shape that you won’t have many issues.

  26. Hi there! Thanks for providing this chart, it’s a big help.

    Looking for a replacement for my ancient Logitech G602 – it’s a perfect fit but very heavy since it needs 2 AA batteries.

    I picked up a Logitech G403 but find it too short and narrow to palm properly. Any recommendations? Hand size is 19.5 x 10.5cm.

    1. Hey Em!

      I think the answer for you here might be the Razer Basilisk Ultimate or Hyperspeed, larger mouse. The table specs won’t show the right story right now, it’s showing grip width of 6 cm, the Logitech mice are not showing grip width but total width, something I will fix this weekend.

      Razer Basilisk is your best bet.

  27. Do you think it’s fine if I have 17cm and 8cm wide hands to use the Razer DeathAdder elite?? I use palm grip and I mostly jitterclick more than butterfly.

    1. It might feel a little large, but I’ve seen a lot of people use the DeathAdder fine because its shape is pretty good, the flared buttons on the DeathAdder should be good for jitter clicking as well.

  28. Hello, i want to ask advice?

    When i was a kid i was playing 1.6 , in that time the popular mouse was razer deathadder 3.5 p.s i’ve got a pretty big hands, litteraly the same size as i was 15years old like 18cm, and 18cm now, when 1,6 was dead, csgo come in and the popular was rival 300, its was hard to adjust that mouse, but after a while i felt it very good, after tiltslams, i was wondering to switch to ec2b i got this mouse, but idk it felt a little bit to small, i am thinking now maybe try ec1b, because i was used to play with bigger mouses, but in the other hand i like the shape in my work like example dell ms111, etc… i can claw grip very comfortably, so maybe i need to try aim smaller mouse then ec2b? or buy ec1b ?

    P.s hands 18cm-9
    sorry for my bad english skills 🙂

    1. Your English is perfectly fine!

      Your hands are pretty large so the EC1B might be the better fit, if you like claw grip a mouse like the Zowie S1 might be a good fit for you as well.

  29. My hands are about 15 x 9 cm and I’m having a really hard time finding a new mouse I like since I don’t have the option of trying them in the store. I play MMOs and since I’ve been using a vertical mouse lately I’m not 100% of what my grip is for a normal mouse. From what I gather, my options are pretty limited?

    1. Hi Pan,

      Hmm that’s challenging, I’m not sure what I would recommend, do you use a lot of extra button bindings on the mouse? I’d start off with a short mouse and see how that feels. Is there any particular reason why you want to switch from your current vertical mouse?

  30. Hey im currently searching for a good mouse. I found g403 one of the best but my question was is g403 good for palm grip with 17 hand size. Im 13 so hands will grow up but anyways is this mouse good for me?

  31. I tried the famous Model O but despite it saying M/L on the chart I find it much too narrow, even though my hands just barely fit into the L category. Anyway, thanks to your guide, I found the mouse which fits pretty much perfectly, even though it is fundamentally different from my old one. I went from a Logitech G9x to a Steelseries Rival 600.

  32. Best mouse for fingertip? medium size hand, right now i’m using a X Blade Sniper, which its horrible, been with this mouse 2 years, weights like 300gr hahahahah, don’t even look it up. but the shape its similar to the G502.
    Is the G502 good for fingertip or should i go with the G203 or G305.
    One friend told me to buy Deathadder Elite, but i don’t know…

  33. Currently I’m using a G305, I like it but I find it heavy, I’m thinking about getting a Glorious Model O- or a G-Wolves one, which one would you recommend me? My hand size: 16.5cm x 8cm and my grip is hybrid claw x palm. I’ve used a DeathAdder years ago and It doesn’t bother me so I think the mouse size would not be a big problem. Thanks

    1. Neither, you will likely hate the shape. I have been fumbling around trying to replace my Corsair m65 for a while..if you look at the chart it’s a really unique shape. And I have larger hands and do a palm/claw. The model 0 will be entirely too long and not tall enough, and the o minus will be crazy short with no hump. And what did I come to?? The g305 haha. Although today I stumbled on the xtrfy m4, and came here to check the list. Wasn’t on it. Seems pretty similar in size.

  34. Hi, before ask you a question thanks for the good review. I’m using G102 and i have some wrist pain problems these days,
    i want to buy a new one, i can’t decision about that. My hand is 19-9,5cm, i’m usually playing fps games and i’m a programmer sometimes using graphics softwares , which one do you suggest; rival 600, g402, g403, g502( perhaps i can’t get it for its pay maybe i can get it on sale) or one of the others ( i writed which can find easily in my country and my likes). Thanks !! 🙂

    1. Hey Emre, it would be helpful to also include your grip style.

      For your hand size the G403 or G502 might be a good fit if you palm your mouse.

  35. I’ve been using the OG razer naga from 2012 which is still currently holding up but showing its age. Just wondering if the new glorious model D (or maybe D- if one ever comes out) would be a terrible mouse choice or not? I have a small hand less than 16cm and typically use a palm claw hybrid grip. Definitely want to go with an ergo mouse.

    1. Hey Ral,

      In terms of size the Model D is smaller than the OG Naga in terms of height and width, so I don’t think you’ll have any problems with it being too big. I don’t think it’ll be a terrible mouse for you.

  36. Hey man I’ve been using the DeathAdder Chroma for 2 years now and i want to buy a new mouse for CSGO . My hand is 19-10 cm. Claw or Fingertip Grip. Should i buy the Model O- or the new Model D ?

    1. The Model D is going to be an easier transition since it’s an ergo mouse, but the Model O- might be better for your grip int he long run.

        1. I don’t think it would be too small, I’m close-ish to your hand size at 18×9.5 and I find the Model O- a good size for me.

  37. Hey man I’ve been using the Logitech G305 for 1 years now and i’m not comfortable with it.. I want to buy a new mouse for FPS games . My hand is 20-11 cm. Claw or Palm Grip. Can you suggest me a mouse for my hand sizes pls ? Thanks !

    1. Do you find the G305 the right size for you? The G Pro Wireless or Razer Viper Mini are going to be close comparisons in size while being more comfortable imo.

  38. My hands measure 19.5 x 9-9.5sm and i play with a palm style. Now I’m choosing between G Wolves Skoll, Glorius Model D and Zowie EC1. Can you advise me which one is better fo me fo CSGO?

    can you answer to e-mail pls?

    1. Hey Maddy, this reply should get to your email.

      Tough choice between those mice as t hey’re similar and all good.

      I’d go with the Model D over the skoll and EC1. Better build quality than the skoll and ligher than the EC1.

  39. My hands are about 17.5cm x 10.5cm and I do claw grips. I’ve been using a fairly cheap mouse I bought which was a RedDragon Stormrage M718. I find it too big and too heavy. Trying to find a mouse that is comfortable and light also something on the small side, also I like my mice to be easy to click that since I’m a claw grip and more susceptible fatigue. Feedback would be much apreciated

  40. Hi, Raymond! thanks for answer.
    the other question is Roccat Nyth or Corsair Scimitar wich one is better? or you know another MMO/Moba good mice?
    Razer trinity is to small for my hand.
    My hands measure 19.5 x 9-9.5sm and i play with a palm style

  41. Great work. Could you please add the Asus ROG Spatha. It’s 13.7cm long and 8.9cm wide. I think the grip area is a little narrower though. I was looking for a bigger mouse as my hands are 21cm long and 12cm wide. My little finger locks now because of smaller mice.

  42. Hey man I want to buy a mouse for FPS games . My hand is 20-11 cm. Claw and Palm Grip. Can you suggest me a mouse for my hand sizes pls ? Thanks !

  43. Hello! I am still using an old MX518 (12 years old) but the cable is having contact issues. I will try to repair it but also there’s a store that’s currently selling the G305 and I am considering buying it but I am a bit concerned that it might be a bit too small in size especially after using such a large mouse for a long time. My hand size is 19.5/9 cm claw and palm grip. Do you think the G305 is worth a try for some casual shooters? Worst case is that I might return it if it’s not good for me.

    1. I think you might have some trouble getting used to such a different sized mouse. The Mx518 is much larger than the g305. Something like that G703 would be a smoother transition.

  44. Hello, i have 18.5cm x 10cm hand, my grip is claw and fingertip, should i buy endgame xm1 or g wolves hati?

  45. In the chart you list “Cooler Master MasterMouse Pro L” as medium “M” but in the Youtube video, you say that it’s M/L ?

  46. im curently using g102 with relaxed claw girp and my hand feel cramped most of the time
    my hand is 19.5×10. i plan to get either xm1 or s1\s2
    which one would you recommend? i know that both xm1 and s2 share the same width with my g102 but much higer length.

  47. Could someone help me find a mouse for 19.05cm/11.43cm (L/W) ? Can’t really figure it out or can find a good mouse for the a reasonable price.

  48. Hello thanks for all these posts they are very helpful! I play WOW (since launch took a break but back). My hand size is 19.6 x 11. Grip is relaxed claw ( also I use the mouse to move with) I currently use a Logitech G700s (8 years). Finding my hand cramping up if playing for more then a few hours find I am gripping the mouse with my thumb and ring finger. Have tried many gaming mice prior to G700 (Deathadder, Naga, G518, RAT,etc). Currently test running the following G302, Mamba wireless, G502, Scimitar Elite, Viper mini,Deathadder mini, and G600. Thinking about giving the Naga another go (tried the 2014 and did not like it). Please help! (wife not happy with all the mice coming in and out of the house lol) also all the buttons are not necessary as I use a Razer Tartarus. Thanks so much!

    1. Haha I know the feeling of too many mice Bob. Seems like you have a good set of mice to try out for sure. Are you finding the G700 grip width too narrow? What didn’t you like about the Naga previously? The Naga trinity might be a good option.

      1. Thanks for the reply Raymond! Yes The 700 used to be the “best mouse for me” but since getting back into WOW now it causes wrist/hand pain (Old guy here at 55). Based on my grip I could not get a good purchase on the old naga without activating a button. I have been leaning toward the new Mamba. Size seems to be working (compared to others listed) wish the height was not so much. Guess a flat wide mouse in a perfect world would work. Nice part about Best Buy is I can try and return those that are a no go so don’t have to keep mice that do not work. Mamba has lasted the longest on my mouse pad and I do like the wireless aspect if it. I have on order the Roccat Kain 200 and ENDGAME GEAR XM1, will give these one last go and if not will stick to the Mamba. Any ideas on last stage try’s?

  49. Hey Bro.
    I Am Tired OF Searching For A Good Mouse That Fits My Hand.My Hand Size In Centimeters Is Legth=18.5cm And Width=9.3cm.I Need Your Advice On Which Mouse Should I Buy.I Play Rainbow Six Siege Competitive.I Would Really Appreciate Your Advice On Which Mouse Should I Buy.

  50. Hello!

    Can you please suggest a mouse that fits my Claw/fingertip style. I was using CM Storm SPAWN and its no longer available in market. My hand size is L=18 cm and W=10 cm. I tried CM MM520 and it seems larger and not grippy. I usually play DOTA and nothing more. Thanks in advance!!

    1. There are several good options for you, Model O-, Viper Ultimate or Viper Mini, G305 or GPW if you’re looking for wireless.

  51. Hi, could you please suggest a mouse that fits my specifications? My hand measures 18cm x 11cm, and I use a hybrid fingertip/claw grip, leaning more towards fingertip I believe.

    I only play tac shooters like csgo/valorant. I currently use a FK1, but it is too narrow and my pinky/ring finger has been aching with my fingertip grip. I have been looking primarily at the viper ultimate and the g pro, but now I am looking at the deathadder pro and other ergo models. Any tips?

    TLDR; Looking for wireless mouse for fingertip/claw hybrid; Hand is 18cmx11cm

    Thank you so much for all your work!

  52. Hello. My hand size is 17 cm x 9.5 cm and I’m trying to choose between Glorious Model D and D-. Which one is better for me? I’m currently using the Logitech G102 and I kind of have to stretch my thumb and tilt my hand a bit to reach the farther side button. Thanks!

  53. Hello. My hand size is 17 cm x 9.5 cm, and I’m trying to choose between the Glorious Model D and D-. Which one is better for me? I’m currently using the Logitech G102 and I kind of have to stretch my thumb and tilt my hand a bit to reach the farther side button. Thanks!

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