Mechanical Keyboard Switch Chart & Table

Assorted keyboard switches

There are a lot of switch options out there, even for someone who’s actively writing about keyboards and switches, I find myself having to look up what some switches are and what they feel like. To help people find info about switches quickly, I’ve put together this living database of switches that log all information I could find on the switches.

The database includes what type of switch they are, and what their weight and actuation points are, you can use this table to approximate what a switch might feel like, a switch that has similar numbers to a red switch will give you an idea of what that switch could feel like. I’ve also created plot charts based on actuation travel (measured in mm) and actuation force (measured in grams). The farther up and to the right the switch is, the heavier that switch is in terms of feel.

These plots aren’t perfect, they’re likely missing a new switches, some data might be inaccurate due to available data, and some bubbles overlap heavily so it’s hard to read. You can hover over the plots to get clearer labels and some data points.

Pick the chart category of switch you’re interested in comparing. Jump to the plot charts:

If you’re looking to learn more about mechanical switches and how they work, jump to what are mechanical switches.

Combine your favourite switch with our best keyboard recommendations and you’ll be sure to have a great typing and gaming experience.

The Big List of Keyboard Switches

Here’s our big ass list of keyboard switches and their actuation weights, bottom out weights and distances, if you don’t know what these terms mean please take a look at our everything you need to look for in a gaming keyboard post. A quick refresher, actuation point is the point where the key switch sends the signal to the computer, bottom out is when the key switch is fully pressed down.

A couple of notes on this table:

  • Data was pulled from an array of sources including Input Club, PCGamer, Deskthority, /r/mechanicalkeyboards, Geekhack, NovelKeys,, KBDFans, Massdrop and Originative. Consequently, a lot of these sites are the best places for you to get a lot of these switches on the table.
  • Data is incomplete, some switches didn’t have definitive spec data on actuation or bottom out force, if more definitive information comes out I will update
  • Key switch data testing is consistent, some of these force ratings are spec, some of them are from tests, they vary based on methodology and QA variances on the switch
  • There are switches I didn’t cover due to them not really being used or being available, if there are new switches or switches you feel I should add, please comment below!
  • Numbers do not replace the need to try out switches to see what you like, this giant switch tester from KBDFans has 63 switches if you’re really interested in trying a wide array, or if you know you’re sticking more mainstream here’s a 6 switch Cherry tester from WASD.
  • Take a look at our gaming mouse size chart if you like data like this!

BrandSwitch NameSwitch Name completeTypeActuation forceActuation pointBottom out forceBottom out travelStem CompatibilityAvailable on brand names?Notes
CherryMX BlueCherry MX BlueClicky502604CherryYes
CherryMX BlackCherry MX BlackLinear602804CherryYes
CherryMX BrownCherry MX BrownTactile452604CherryYes
CherryMX RedCherry MX RedLinear452604CherryYes
CherryMX ClearCherry MX ClearTactile652954Cherry
CherryMX GreenCherry MX GreenClicky702904Cherry
CherryMX WhiteCherry MX WhiteClicky802.2804Cherry
CherryMX Tactile GreyCherry MX Tactile GreyTactile8021104Cherry
CherryMX Linear GreyCherry MX Linear GreyLinear8021154Cherry
CherryMX Silent BlackCherry MX Silent BlackLinear601.9803.7Cherry
CherryMX SilverCherry MX SilverLinear451.2603.4CherryYes
CherryMX Speed SilverCherry MX Speed SilverLinear451.2653.4CherryYes
CherryMX Silent RedCherry MX Silent RedLinear451.9603.7Cherry
CherryMX Nature WhiteCherry MX Nature WhiteLinear552654Cherry
CherryMX Low Profile RedCherry MX Low Profile RedLinear451.2803.2Cherry
CherryMX Low Profile SpeedCherry MX Low Profile SpeedLinear451803.2
LogitechRomer-G TactileLogitech Romer-G TactileTactile451.5553Romer-GYes
LogitechRomer-G LinearLogitech Romer-G LinearLinear451.5553.2Romer-GYes
LogitechGX BlueLogitech GX BlueClicky502603.7CherryYes
LogitechGX BrownLogitech GX BrownTactile5024CherryYes
LogitechGX RedLogitech GX RedLinear501.94CheryYes
RazerGreenRazer GreenClicky502604CherryYes
RazerOrangeRazer OrangeTactile402604CherryYes
RazerYellowRazer YellowLinear451.2453.5CherryYes
RazerClicky Optical SwitchRazer Clicky Optical SwitchClicky451.5703.5CherryOptical switch
RazerLinear Optical SwitchRazer Linear Optical SwitchLinear401603.5CherryYes
SteelseriesQS1Steelseries QS1Linear451.5453.5QS1Yes
CoolermasterHybrid capacitiveCoolermaster Hybrid capacitiveTactile4514CherryYesTopre switches
RoccatTitanRoccat TitanTactile1.83.6CherryYesOnly on Roccat boards, force curves to come!
IBMBuckling SpringIBM Buckling SpringClicky702904Buckling Spring
Topre30Topre 30Tactile302704Topre
Topre35Topre 35Tactile252504Topre
Topre45Topre 45Tactile452804Topre
Topre55Topre 55Tactile6521104Topre
MatiasQuiet ClickMatias Quiet ClickTactile502.2353.5ALPSSKCM/ALPS clones
MatiasClickMatias ClickClicky502.2353.5ALPSSKCM/ALPS clones
MatiasQuiet LinearMatias Quiet LinearLinear352.2353.5ALPSSKCM/ALPS clones
GateronClearGateron ClearLinear352.2354CherryNot similar to Cherry Clears at all
GateronRedGateron RedLinear452.2554Cherry
GateronYellowGateron YellowLinear502604Cherry
GateronBlackGateron BlackLinear602754Cherry
GateronBrownGateron BrownTactile452.65504Cherry
GateronBlueGateron BlueClicky552.2604Cherry
GateronGreenGateron GreenClicky802.2804Cherry
GateronInkGateron InkLinear602.2704Cherry
GateronRobin 62GGateron Robin 62GLinear402624Cherry
GateronSilent BlackGateron Silent BlackLinear602754Cherry
GateronSilent RedGateron Silent RedLinear452704Cherry
GateronSilent YellowGateron Silent YellowLinear502704Cherry
GateronSilent WhiteGateron Silent WhiteLinear382554Cherry
GateronSilent BrownGateron Silent BrownTactile552654Cherry
GateronLow Profile RedGateron Low Profile RedLinear501.73Cherry
GateronLow Profile BrownGateron Low Profile BrownTactile551.73Cherry
GateronLow Profile BlueGateron Low Profile BlueClicky651.73Cherry
GateronInk RedGateron Ink RedLinear452704Cherry
GateronInk BlackGateron Ink BlackLinear602854Cherry
GateronInk YellowGateron Ink YellowLinear601.2603.4Cherry
GateronInk BlueGateron Ink BlueClicky752.3754Cherry
GateronOptical RedGateron Optical Red4524Cherry
GateronOptical BlackGateron Optical Black6024Cherry
GateronOptical WhiteGateron Optical White3524Cherry
GateronOptical YellowGateron Optical Yellow3513.2Cherry
GateronOptical SilverGateron Optical Silver4513.2Cherry
GateronOptical BlueGateron Optical Blue602.34Cherry
GateronOptical BrownGateron Optical Brown5524Cherry
GateronBaby KangarooGateron Baby Kangaroo592653.4Cherrry
GateronOil KingGateron Oil KingLinear552654Cherry
KailhRedKailh RedLinear502654CherryYes
KailhBrownKailh BrownTactile502604CherryYes
KailhBlackKailh BlackLinear6024CherryYes
KailhBlueKailh BlueClicky502604CherryYes
KailhSpeed NavyKailh Speed NavyTactile651.43.5Cherry
KailhSpeed SilverKailh Speed SilverLinear501.1703.5Cherry
KailhSpeed CopperKailh Speed CopperTactile501.1603.5Cherry
KailhSpeed BronzeKailh Speed BronzeClicky501.1653.5Cherry
KailhSpeed PinkKailh Speed PinkClicky501.13.5Cherry
KailhSpeed GoldKailh Speed GoldClicky501.4603.5Cherry
KailhSpeed RedKailh Speed RedLinear371.8404Cherry
KailhBox RedKailh Box RedLinear451.8603.6Cherry
KailhBox BlackKailh Box BlackLinear601.8753.6Cherry
KailhBox NavyKailh Box NavyClicky601.8903.6Cherry
KailhBox JadeKailh Box JadeClicky501.8603.6Cherry
KailhBox BrownKailh Box BrownTactile451.8603.6Cherry
KailhBox WhiteKailh Box WhiteClicky451.8553.6Cherry
KailhBox Dark YellowKailh Box Dark YellowLinear701.8803.6Cherry
KailhBox PinkKailh Box PinkClicky651.8553.6Cherry
KailhBox Chinese RedKailh Box Chinese RedLinear451.8553.6Cherry
KailhBox Noble YellowKailh Box Noble YellowClicky651.8503.6Cherry
KailhBox Glazed GreenKailh Box Glazed GreenClicky501.8503.6Cherry
KailhAncient GreyKailh Ancient GreyLinear951.81003.6Cherry
KailhHeavy Burnt OrangeKailh Heavy Burnt OrangeTactile601.8803.6Cherry
KailhBox RoyalKailh Box RoyalTactile401.8703.6Cherry
KailhBox Pale BlueKailh Box Pale BlueClicky601.8803.6Cherry
KailhPro BurgundyKailh Pro BurgundyLinear501.7703.6Cherry
KailhPro PurpleKailh Pro PurpleTactile501.7703.6Cherry
KailhPro Light GreenKailh Pro Light GreenClicky501.7603.6Cherry
KailhLow Profile Choc Dark YellowKailh Low Profile Choc Dark YellowLinear701.5853Kailh Low Profile
KailhLow Profile Choc Burnt OrangeKailh Low Profile Choc Burnt OrangeTactile701.5853Kailh Low Profile
KailhLow Profile Choc Pale BlueKailh Low Profile Choc Pale BlueClciky701.5853Kailh Low Profile
KailhLow Profile Choc RedKailh Low Profile Choc RedLinear501.5653Kailh Low Profile
KailhLow Profile Choc BrownKailh Low Profile Choc BrownTactile501.5653Kailh Low Profile
KailhLow Profile Choc WhiteKailh Low Profile Choc WhiteClicky501.5653Kailh Low Profile
KailhLow Profile Choc NavyKailh Low Profile Choc NavyClicky601.5853Kailh Low Profile
KailhLow Profile Choc JadeKailh Low Profile Choc JadeClicky601.5753Kailh Low Profile
KailhBox Red ProKailh Box Red ProLinear351.8453.6Cherry
KailhSuper Speed SilverKailh Super Speed SilverLinear371.1503.5Cherry
KailhSuper Speed RedKailh Super Speed RedLinear371.8404Cherry
KailhSuper Speed CopperKailh Super Speed CopperTactile381.1503.5Cherry
KailhSuper Speed BronzeKailh Super Speed BronzeClicky481.1703.5Cherry
ZealPCZealios 62 gZealPC Zealios 62 gTactile202.4624Cherry
ZealPCZealios 65 gZealPC Zealios 65 gTactile252.4654Cherry
ZealPCZealios 67 gZealPC Zealios 67 gTactile302.4674Cherry
ZealPCZealios 78 gZealPC Zealios 78 gTactile402.4784CherryLighter Cherry MX Clear, Smoother
ZealPCTiffany Blue TealiosZealPC Tiffany Blue TealiosLinear2.4674Cherry
ZealPCOrange HealiosZealPC Orange HealiosLinear4674Cherry
ZealPCZilents 62 gZealPC Zilents 62 gTactile202.4624CherrySilent Zealios
ZealPCZilents 65 gZealPC Zilents 65 gTactile252.4654CherrySilent Zealios
ZealPCZilents 67 gZealPC Zilents 67 gTactile302.4674CherrySilent Zealios
ZealPCZilents 78 gZealPC Zilents 78 gTactile402.4784CherrySilent Zealios
Input ClubHako TrueInput Club Hako TrueTactile602953.6Cherry
Input ClubHako ClearInput Club Hako ClearTactile552753.6Cherry
Input ClubHako VioletInput Club Hako VioletTactile402503.6Cherry
Input ClubHako Royal TrueInput Club Hako Royal TrueTactile602853.6Cherry
Input ClubHako Royal ClearInput Club Hako Royal ClearTactile502853.6Cherry
Input ClubHalo ClearInput Club Halo ClearTactile502804Cherry
Input ClubHalo TrueInput Club Halo TrueTactile5521004Cherry
MODMOD-LMOD MOD-LLinear4524Cherry
MODMOD-LMOD MOD-LTactile452624Cherry
MODMOD-MMOD MOD-MLinear5524Cherry
MODMOD-MMOD MOD-MTactile552664Cherry
MODMOD-HMOD MOD-HLinear622804Cherry
MODMOD-HMOD MOD-HTactile622784Cherry
MODMOD-SHMOD MOD-SHTactile7024Cherry
Aliaz60gAliaz 60gTactile2604CherryKind of similar to Zealio
Aliaz70gAliaz 70gTactile2704CherryKind of similar to Zealio
Aliaz80gAliaz 80gTactile2804CherryKind of similar to Zealio
Aliaz100gAliaz 100gTactile21004CherryKind of similar to Zealio
OutemuBrownOutemu BrownTactile402604Cherry
OutemuBlueOutemu BlueClicky462604Cherry
OutemuRedOutemu RedLinear472604Cherry
OutemuBlackOutemu BlackLinear652844Cherry
OutemuGreenOutemu GreenClicky702804Cherry
OutemuPurpleOutemu PurpleTactile502624Cherry
OutemuSilverOutemu SilverLinear452604Cherry
OutemuOrangeOutemu OrangeTactile502604Cherry
OutemuGoldOutemu GoldClicky582604Cherry
OutemuGolden PinkOutemu Golden PinkLinear452654Cherry
OutemuSky 62gOutemu Sky 62gTactile6224Cherry
OutemuSky 68gOutemu Sky 68gTactile6824Cherry
OutemuOceanOutemu OceanClicky551.8704Cherry
OutemuIce SilverOutemu Ice SilverLinear268Cherry
OutemuICE Light PurpleOutemu ICE Light PurpleTactile2624Cherry
OutemuICE Dustproof BrownOutemu ICE Dustproof BrownTactile2624Cherry
OutemuICE Dark PurpleOutemu ICE Dark PurpleTactile2684Cherry
OutemuICE GreyOutemu ICE GreyTactile2754Cherry
OutemuICE BlueOutemu ICE BlueClicky2624Cherry
OutemuICE TealOutemu ICE TealClicky2684Cherry
OutemuICE ClickOutemu ICE ClickClicky2754Cherry
OutemuLow Profile RedOutemu Low Profile RedLinear501.33Cherry
OutemuLow Profile BlueOutemu Low Profile BlueClicky601.33Cherry
OutemuLow Profile BlackOutemu Low Profile BlackLinear651.33Cherry
OutemuLow Profile BrownOutemu Low Profile BrownTactile1.33Cherry
OutemuGAOTE BlackOutemu GAOTE BlackLinear602804Cherry
OutemuGAOTE BlueOutemu GAOTE BlueClicky6024Cherry
OutemuGAOTE BrownOutemu GAOTE BrownTactile4024Cherry
OutemuGAOTE RedOutemu GAOTE RedLinear452654Cherry
OutemuCream BlueOutemu Cream BlueClicky501.8604Cherry
OutemuCream YellowOutemu Cream YellowTactile452503.3Cherry
OutemuCream PinkOutemu Cream PinkLinear452654Cherry
OutemuMilk BlueOutemu Milk BlueClicky501.64Cherry
OutemuMilk PeachOutemu Milk PeachLinear4523.2Cherry
OutemuMilk TeaOutemu Milk TeaTactile452604Cherry
OutemuSilent LemonOutemu Silent LemonTactile351.2503.3Cherry
OutemuSilent PeachOutemu Silent PeachLinear4023.3Cherry
OutemuSilent SkyOutemu Silent SkyTactile6224Cherry
OutemuSilent WhiteOutemu Silent WhiteLinear452654Cherry
OutemuSilent ForestOutemu Silent ForestTactile6224Cherry
OutemuSilent OceanOutemu Silent OceanLinear501.64Cherry
OutemuSilent GrayOutemu Silent GrayTactile551.64Cherry
OutemuDustproof BlueOutemu Dustproof BlueClicky462.2604Cherry
OutemuDustproof BrownOutemu Dustproof BrownTactile402604Cherry
OutemuDustproof RedOutemu Dustproof RedLinear472604Cherry
OutemuDustproof BlackOutemu Dustproof BlackLinear602844Cherry
OutemuDustproof GreenOutemu Dustproof GreenClicky702804Cherry
OutemuDustproof PurpleOutemu Dustproof PurpleTactile502624Cherry
OutemuDustproof SilverOutemu Dustproof SilverLinear452604Cherry
OutemuTransparentOutemu TransparentLinear451.23.3Cherry
OutemuPandaOutemu PandaTactile501.8653.3Cherry
OutemuPhoenixOutemu PhoenixClicky621.83.3Cherry
OutemuJieRuiOutemu JieRuiClicky551804Cherry
OutemuBaiLanOutemu BaiLanLinear4524Cherry
OutemuTangMuOutemu TangMuTactile401.5503.3Cherry
GreetechBrownGreetech BrownTactile402604CherryYes
GreetechBlueGreetech BlueClicky502604CherryYes
GreetechRedGreetech RedLinear452554CherryYes
GreetechBlackGreetech BlackLinear602804CherryYes
TesoroAgile RedTesoro Agile RedLinear451.53.5Cherry
TesoroAgile BlueTesoro Agile BlueClicky451.53.5Cherry
TesoroSlim BlueTesoro Slim BlueClicky5013Tesoro
TesoroSlim BlueTesoro Slim Blue4513Tesoro
NovelKeysCreamNovelKeys CreamLinear552704Cherry
NovelKeysSilk RedNovelKeys Silk RedLinear352554Cherry
NovelKeysSilk YellowNovelKeys Silk YellowLinear43263.54Cherry
NovelKeysSilk BlackNovelKeys Silk BlackLinear552724Cherry
NovelKeysSilk OliviaNovelKeys Silk OliviaLinear43263.54Cherry
NovelKeysSilk TfueNovelKeys Silk TfueLinear43263.54Cherry
GeekmakerCreamy YellowGeekmaker Creamy YellowLinear55Cherry
GeekmakerCreamy PinkGeekmaker Creamy PinkLinear62Cherry
GeekmakerCreamy PurpleGeekmaker Creamy PurpleLinear67Cherry
GeekmakerCreamy GreenGeekmaker Creamy GreenLinear78Cherry
TTCOrange BlackTTC Orange BlackLinear6024Cherry
TTCOrange RedTTC Orange RedLinear4524Cherry
TTCOrange BlueTTC Orange BlueClicky602.24Cherry
TTCOrange BrownTTC Orange BrownTactile4524Cherry
YOKRed PandasYOK Red PandasLinear5060Cherry
YOKTrash PandaYOK Trash PandaLinear502604Cherry
YOKPurple Trash PandaYOK Purple Trash PandaTactile572704Cherry
TTCSilent RedTTC Silent RedLinear452553.8Cherry
TTCSilent BrownTTC Silent BrownTactile452603.8Cherry
TTCGold BrownTTC Gold BrownTactile452604Cherry
TTCGold PinkTTC Gold Pink372454Cherry
TTCWild 42gTTC Wild 42gLinear422524Cherry
TTCWild 55gTTC Wild 55gLinear552684Cherry
VarmiloEC SakuraVarmilo EC SakuraLinear452604Cherry
VarmiloEC RoseryVarmilo EC RoseryLinear552754Cherry
VarmiloEC IvyVarmilo EC IvyLinear502.34Cherry
KBTBlueKBT BlueClicky5024Cherry
KBTBrownKBT BrownTactile4524Cherry
KBTRedKBT RedLinear6024Cherry
KBTBlackKBT BlackLinear6024Cherry
Hall EffectLinearHall Effect LinearLinear600.1-3.8654Cherry
Hall EffectClickyHall Effect ClickyClicky600.1-3.8654Cherry
Hall EffectTactileHall Effect TactileTactile600.1-3.8654Cherry
FlaretechRedFlaretech RedLinear551.5-3.6554Cherry
FlaretechBlackFlaretech BlackLinear551.5-3.6554Cherry
FlaretechBlueFlaretech BlueClicky801.5-3.6804Cherry
HyperXRedHyperX RedLinear453.8Cherry
HyperXAquaHyperX AquaTactile453.8Cherry
c3Tangerinec3 TangerineLinear624Cherry
TTCGold PinkTTC Gold PinkLinear372454Cherry
NovelKeys x KailhBlueberryNovelKeys x Kailh BlueberryTactile553804Cherry
DropHoly PandaDrop Holy PandaTactile442.4623.8Cherry
DropHoly Panda XDrop Holy Panda XTactile2.4623.5Cherry
GloriousPandaGlorious PandaTactile2674Cherry
EverglideCrystal VioletEverglide Crystal VioletTactile55263.54Cherry
EverglideSakura PinkEverglide Sakura PinkLinear4524Cherry
EverglideJade GreenEverglide Jade GreenTactile5824Cherry
EverglideCoral RedEverglide Coral RedLinear6724Cherry
EverglideAmber OrangeEverglide Amber OrangeLinear5824Cherry
EverglideOreoEverglide OreoTactile552624Cherry
EverglideTourmaline Blue CyanEverglide Tourmaline Blue CyanLinear502554Cherry
EverglideWater King V3 55gEverglide Water King V3 55gLinear402554Cherry
EverglideWater King V3 62gEverglide Water King V3 62gLinear452624Cherry
EverglideWater King V3 67gEverglide Water King V3 67gLinear552624Cherry
EverglideDark JadeEverglide Dark JadeTactile672674Cherry
T1 67GT1 67GTactile67
T1 65GT1 65GTactile65
T1 62GT1 62GTactile62
Prime KeyboardAlpalcaPrime Keyboard AlpalcaLinear6224Cherry
Prime KeyboardAlpalca V2Prime Keyboard Alpalca V2Linear6224Cherry
ThickthockMarshmallowThickthock MarshmallowLinear501.468Cherry
GazzewBoba U4T 68GGazzew Boba U4T 68GTactle1.5683.7Cherry
GazzewBoba U4T 62GGazzew Boba U4T 62GTactle1.5623.7Cherry
GazzewBoba U4 62GGazzew Boba U4 62GTactile1.5623.7Cherry
GazzewBoba U4 68GGazzew Boba U4 68GTactile1.5683.7Cherry
RAMA WorksDuckRAMA Works DuckLinear601.5703.685Cherry
DurockLinearDurock LinearLinear62Cherry
DurockPOM LinearDurock POM LinearLinear48263.54Cherry
DurockT1Durock T1Tactile2674Cherry
DurockSilent LinearDurock Silent LinearLinear2674Cherry
DurockDolphinDurock DolphinLinear2674Cherry
DurockPianoDurock PianoLinear263.54Cherry
DurockSunflowerDurock SunflowerTactile2674Cherry
DurockDaybreakDurock DaybreakLinear2674Cherry
DurockKoalaDurock KoalaTactile2674Cherry
DurockCreamy GreenDurock Creamy GreenLinear2653.7Cherry
DurockBlack LotusDurock Black LotusLinear55263.54Cherry
DurockCreamy PurpleDurock Creamy PurpleLinear2674Cherry
DurockBlackDurock BlackLinear2784Cherry
DurockCreamy YellowDurock Creamy YellowLinear2554Cherry
DurockCreamy PinkDurock Creamy Pink2654Cherry
DurockWhite LotusDurock White LotusTactile2564Cherry
DurockShrimp SilentDurock Shrimp SilentTactile2674v

Cherry Switch Chart

Clicky Switch Chart

Tactile Switch Chart

Linear Switch Chart

What’s a mechanical switch?

If you’re still wondering what all these numbers and plot points mean then this section will give you an overview of what all the above data means. 

The mechanical switch is the reason why they’re called mechanical keyboards, under each keycap there is a switch with mechanical parts responsible for registering your keystrokes, these mechanisms are built up in different ways to give a variety of typing and gaming experiences.

switch types
How a Cherry linear, tactile and clicky switch look on the inside.

Each switch is generally composed of these parts from top to bottom:

  1. Stem: The part where the keycap is mounted on, most switches use a standard + pattern cherry mx stem so that aftermarket keycaps work with them.
  2. Switch housing: a mini-case for all the parts of the switch.
  3. Slider: The slider is the main piece that sits out the spring, when the slider drops due to pressure it interrupts the contact leaves causing a registered keystroke.
  4. Metal contact leaves: When the leaves touch each other after separation they register the keystroke.
  5. Spring: Switches are responsible for the force required to press down on the switch to actuate, it’s also responsible for resetting the switch to neutral position.

Switch Types: Clicky, Tactile or Linear

Each switch type falls into 3 major categories, each has its distinct features and they’re not inherently better than the other, it’s personal preference which switch type you like.

Clicky switches make an audible clicky noise when pressed, accompanying that is usually a very distinct bump that gives you physical feedback that the key has been pressed. Clicky switches make a lot of noise, so if you game at night or you just don’t want to annoy anyone with your AD or APM spamming then you might want to skip clicky switches. TheGamingSetups’s 7 best clicky switches.

Tactile switches are like clicky switches, they have a physical bump in the middle of the key press travel, but they don’t make a distinct click noise when pressed. TheGamingSetup’s 8 best tactile switches.

Linear switches don’t provide and audible click or bump near the actuation point. TheGamingSetup’s 7 best linear switches.

Actuation point, bottom out and travel

The actuation point refers to the specific point when the key switch registers the key press, switches can have a variety of actuation points, measured by force in grams. A keyboard with a really light actuation <30 grams requires very little force to register a keystroke when compared to a switch that has a  50 gram actuation. The lower weight means you have a faster, more reactive keyboard, but you might be more prone to grazing a key register.

You bottom out a key when you press hard enough that you fully press down the switch, this is also measured in force, a higher bottom out weight means that it’ll be much harder for you to press all the way down on each individual key. A heaver key switch allows for heavier fingered gamers and typists to have a more tactile experience, while also removing chances of accidental key presses.

Key travel, how far the switch goes from fully depressed to bottoming out. You’ll likely be experienced with lower travel keyboards in laptops like the new Macbook (yuck). The standard travel distance is 4 mm but there have been a few low travel mechanical switches released in the past few years. Unless you know you prefer a shallow travel, I’d stick with a standard travel key switch.

Switch brands

There are several large manufacturers of switches including some major brand proprietary switches on this list, I want to point to some of the bigger switch brands, for a full comprehensive list of what’s out there, check out our big list of keyboard switches post.

Cherry MX, the original mechanical switch producer and still the most common switches, they’re in every large retail keyboard:

  • Cherry MX Blue: Clicky, 50 gram actuation
  • Cherry MX Brown: Tactile, 45 gram actuation
  • Cherry MX Red: Linear, 45 gram actuation
  • Cherry MX Black: Linear, 60 gram actuation

Gateron, started out as a pure Cherry MX clone, producing the same colours as Cherry at a lower cost and lower quality, they have since grown up to produce their own switch types and have even improved on the original Cherry MX, with much smoother switches compared to the originals.

  • Gateron Blue: Clicky, 55 gram actuation
  • Gateron Brown: Tactile, 45 gram actuation
  • Gateron Red: Linear, 45 gram actuation
  • Gateron Black: Linear, 50 gram actuation

Romer-G, Logitech’s keyboard switch produced by mouse switch manufacturer Omron, they emphasize on pure gaming switches with great LED stems, these stems however are not compatible with aftermarket keycaps.

  • Romer-G Tactile, 45 gram actuation
  • Romer-G Linear, 45 gram actuation
  • GX Blue; Clicky, 50 gram actuation

Razer Switches Razers propietary switch used in their keyboards, these switches have a stem that is compatible with aftermarket keycaps.

  • Razer Green: Clicky, 50 gram actuation
  • Razer Orange: Tactile, 45 gram actuation
  • Razer Yellow: Linear, 45 gram actuation
  • Razer Opto-Mechanical: Clicky, 45 gram actuation

Steelseries QS1 switches are propietary switches found in Steelseries keyboards, these are made by Kaihua and resemble the Logtech Romer-G with the empty stemp in the middle for RGB lighting.

  • QS1: Linear, 45 gram actuation

This is just a quick rundown of the switches that major brands might use, there’s a huge universe of more niche switches out there. We’re not covering other major switches like Topre, ALPS/Matias or buckling spring since they’re not really suited for gaming given how heavy and niche they are.

I’d recommend getting a keycap tester to figure out which keycaps you prefer. This WASD Cherry MX Switch Tester is a good place to start.


O-rings are little rubber circles that can be installed on the keycap to reduce the clickety clackity noise of mechanical keyboards when you bottom out on the key, most brands don’t include these, but if you’re in an environment where people are sleeping or just annoyed at the noise O-rings can be acquired cheaply on Amazon and are very easy to install, these ThreeBulls ones do the trick.

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    Not a silly question at all! I haven’t had a chance to update this switch table for a bit so there are a few more optical switches out now that I need to add.

    But yes you’re right, regardless if they are optical or not they all have a point in distance at which they actuate. The Apex Pro keyboard ( has hall effect switches which use a magnetic actuation, you can actually set the actuation distance on that keyboard.

  3. You have Tealios incorrectly labeled as tactile. They are linear switches. I think that some switches could be added as well. I was also thinking maybe Alpacas would be a good addition along with Sakurios/Roselios. At least for linear switches. There are a lot of new switches that can go up here. Also, the chart has so many overlaid switches that it is hard to read. And a column stating if a switch is available as an aftermarket switch or if it only comes mounted to the specific board by the company would help sort through switches when looking to upgrade/update.

    1. Thanks for the tips Chris! They definitely are linear switches will make that change soon.

      I haven’t updated the chart in a while. I’ll definitely add the most popular new switches, seems like they come out so frequently now.

  4. Hello and thank you so much for putting this together! Been looking everywhere for a comprehensive chart like this. I think the NovelKeys Creams are Linear instead of Tactile as stated in the chart. Can you check me on this? Thanks again Raymond!

  5. I think the most important is force displacement graph. To see where does tactile switch has its bump and how big it is. I’m looking for switch that doesn’t move at first and then bottoms out. No pre travel and big bump. Unfortunately there’s no way to see it from current charts.

    1. Great point. I will say that in my limited experience, Khail Speed Copper have a much earlier tactile bump than the standard Cherry MX Brown or comparable switches. Topre switches, while not purely mechanical, operate the way you want and they feel great to type on.

      1. Thank You! Kailh speed copper is exactly what I was looking for. They are budget friendly version of Zealios v2.

  6. What type of switch most closely emulates a mac keyboard? I like my mac keyboard but have been looking into ergonomic mechanical keyboards like the Moonlander.

  7. Would love to see a revisited update to this list! Especially to see Marshmallow switches and other switches be mentioned 👀

  8. Well hello… id like to point that the infos on outemu blacks are not correct.
    I have a outemu black keyboard and a kailh red one, but on this chart it seems like the black ones are softer and they are definately not. I had to stop using mine due to fist pain because is too heavy for me.
    The actuation force is actually 65 and the bottoming out is 84, not 30 and 65 respectively.

    But i really appreciate the guide, it helped me a lot to consider another switches <3 thanks!

    1. Hey Daniela,

      You’re totally right! I’ve fixed the listings for Outemu switches.

      Glad that this was helpful!

  9. Great list! I appreciate the work this must have taken and I sincerely hope you update this at least yearly.
    Stem length would be an extremely welcome attribute to add as many people who like to frankenswitch would fin this info invaluable. As has been noted, there are a few mistakes on the list. I’m sure most will be brought to your attention, like this one….the Halo switch (after much lawyering) is not sold or credited to Input Club. They sell Hako True and Hako Clear, whereas Drop sells the Halo True and Halo Clear. Anyone attempting the truest Holy Panda they can get must have the Halo stem, which at this time can only be purchased through Drop. Even though Input Club was the designing artist of the switch, Drop had enough money to make it their property. Please add stem lengths so I can stop making my list! Lolz

  10. Really great work putting together all this data. 🙂 I’ve been typing for nearly 30 years now and started checking out other keyboards than the Model M that I started with back in 1989. Among those in my collection is a Ducky with Cherry Greens, so greens are available on a branded board. Also, buckling springs are also available on a brand, but only from IBM, Lexmark, and Unicomp.

  11. CPS Test is an abbreviation for click per second test. It measures your mouse clicking speed in given time frame. Playing the CPS test game is easy and fun at the same time. The game is suitable for all age groups, so don’t worry if you are just a high school student or a person with a corporate job.

  12. Hello.
    In the Linear Switch Chart, the Actual force for Outemu Black is 30g.
    The value in the Switch List is 65g, which seems incorrect.

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