Assorted keyboard switches

It's hard to keep up with the number of keyboard switches out there. We've tried to make it a little easier by plotting out all the keyboard switches found on the Big List of Keyboard Switches so you can easily compare a switch that you're already familiar with.

The plot is based on actuation travel (measured in mm) and actuation force (measured in grams). The farther up and to the right the switch is, the heavier that particular switch  is in terms of feel.

These plots aren't perfect, they're likely missing a new fangled switch, some data might be missing or off, and some of the bubbles overlap heavily so it's hard to read. You can hover over the plots to get clearer labels and some data points, we'll work on improving these charts to make them more useful.

Pick the category of switch you're interested in comparing. Leave us a comment below if you think there's a way we can make these better for you.


Cherry Switch Chart

Clicky Switch Chart

Tactile Switch Chart

Linear Switch Chart

The Big List of Keyboard Switches

Here's our big ass list of keyboard switches and their actuation weights, bottom out weights and distances, if you don't know what these terms mean please take a look at our everything you need to look for in a gaming keyboard post. A quick refresher, actuation point is the point where the key switch sends the signal to the computer, bottom out is when the key switch is fully pressed down.

A couple of notes on this table:

  • Data was pulled from an array of sources including Input Club, PCGamer, Deskthority, /r/mechanicalkeyboards, Geekhack, NovelKeys,, KBDFans, Massdrop and Originative. Consequently a lot of these sites are the best places for you to get a lot of these switches on the table.
  • Data is incomplete, some switches didn't have definitive spec data on actuation or bottom out force, if more definitive information comes out I will update
  • Key switch data testing is consistent, some of these force ratings are spec, some of them are from tests, they vary based on methodology and QA variances on the switch
  • There are switches I didn't cover due to them not really being used or being available, if there are new switches or switches you feel I should add, please comment below!
  • Numbers do not replace the need to try out switches to see what you like, this giant switch tester from KBDFans has 63 switches if you're really interested in trying a wide array, or if you know you're sticking more mainstream here's a 6 switch Cherry tester from WASD.

BrandSwitch NameTypeActuation forceActuation pointBottom outBottom out travelStem CompatibilityAvailable on brand names?Notes
CherryMX BlueClicky50 grams2 mm60 grams4 mmCherryYes
CherryMX BlackLinear60 grams2 mm80 grams4 mmCherryYes
CherryMX BrownTactile45 grams2 mm60 grams4 mmCherryYes
CherryMX RedLinear45 grams2 mm60 grams4 mmCherryYes
CherryMX ClearTactile65 grams2 mm95 grams4 mmCherry
CherryMX GreenClicky70 grams2 mm90 grams4 mmCherry
CherryMX WhiteClicky80 grams2.2 mm80 grams4 mmCherry
CherryMX Tactile GreyTactile80 grams2 mm110 grams4 mmCherry
CherryMX Linear GreyLinear80 grams2 mm115 grams4 mmCherry
CherryMX Silent BlackLinear60 grams1.9 mm80 grams3.7 mmCherry
CherryMX SilverLinear45 grams1.2 mm60 grams3.4 mmCherryYes
CherryMX Speed SilverLinear45 grams1.2 mm65 grams3.4 mmCherryYes
CherryMX Silent RedLinear45 grams1.9 mm60 grams3.7 mmCherry
CherryMX Nature WhiteLinear55 grams2 mm65 grams4 mmCherry
LogitechRomer-G TactileTactile45 grams1.5 mm55 grams3 mmRomer-GYes
LogitechRomer-G LinearLinear45 grams1.5 mm55 grams3.2 mmRomer-GYes
LogitechGX BlueClicky50 grams2 mm60 grams4 mmCherryYes
RazerGreenClicky50 grams2 mm60 grams4 mmCherryYes
RazerOrangeTactile40 grams2 mm60 grams4 mmCherryYes
RazerYellowLinear45 grams1.2 mm45 grams3.5 mmCherryYes
RazerOpto-mechanicalClicky45 grams1.5 mm70 grams3.5mmCherryOptical switch
SteelseriesQS1Linear45 grams1.5 mm45 grams3.5 mmQS1Yes
CoolermasterHybrid capacitiveTactile45 grams1 mmunknown4 mmCherryYesTopre switches
RoccatTitanTactileunknown1.8 mmunknown3.6 mmCherryYesOnly on Roccat boards, force curves to come!
IBMBuckling SpringClicky70 grams2 mm90 grams4 mmBuckling Spring
Topre30Tactile30 grams2 mm70 grams4 mmTopre
Topre35Tactile25 grams2 mm50 grams4 mmTopre
Topre45Tactile45 grams2 mm80 grams4 mmTopre
Topre55Tactile65 grams2 mm110 grams4 mmTopre
MatiasQuiet ClickTactile50 grams2.2 mm35 grams3.5 mmALPSSKCM/ALPS clones
MatiasClickClicky50 grams2.2 mm35 grams3.5 mmALPSSKCM/ALPS clones
MatiasQuiet LinearLinear35 grams2.2 mm35 grams3.5 mmALPSSKCM/ALPS clones
GateronClearLinear35 grams2.2 mm35 grams4 mmCherryNot similar to Cherry Clears at all
GateronRedLinear45 grams2.2 mm55 grams4 mmCherry
GateronYellowLinear50 grams2 mm60 grams4 mmCherry
GateronBlackLinear60 grams2 mm75 grams4 mmCherry
GateronBrownTactile45 grams2.65 mm50 grams4 mmCherry
GateronBlueClicky55 grams2.2 mm60 grams4 mmCherry
GateronGreenClicky80 grams2.2 mm80 grams4 mmCherry
KailhRedLinear50 grams2 mm65 grams4 mmCherryYes
KailhBrownTactile50 grams2 mm60 grams4 mmCherryYes
KailhBlackLinear60 grams2 mmunknown4 mmCherryYes
KailhBlueClicky50 grams2 mm60 grams4 mmCherryYes
KailhSpeed SilverLinear50 grams1.1 mm70 grams3.5 mmCherry
KailhSpeed CopperTactile50 grams1.1 mm60 grams3.5 mmCherry
KailhSpeed BronzeClicky50 grams1.1 mm65 grams3.5 mmCherry
KailhSpeed GoldClicky50 grams1.4 mm60 grams3.5 mmCherry
KailhBox RedLinear45 grams1.8 mm60 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhBox BlackLinear60 grams1.8 mm75 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhBox NavyClicky60 grams1.8 mm90 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhBox JadeClicky50 grams1.8 mm60 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhBox BrownTactile45 grams1.8 mm60 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhBox WhiteClicky45 grams1.8 mm55 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhBox Dark YellowLinear70 grams1.8 mm80 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhHeavy Burnt OrangeTactile60 grams1.8 mm80 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhBox RoyalTactile40 grams1.8 mm70 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhBox Pale BlueClicky60 grams1.8 mm80 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhPro BurgundyLinear50 grams1.7 mm70 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhPro PurpleTactile50 grams1.7 mm70 grams3.6 mmCherry
KailhPro Light GreenClicky50 grams1.7 mm60 grams3.6 mmCherry
ZealPCZealios 62 gTactile20 grams2.4 mm62 grams4 mmCherry
ZealPCZealios 65 gTactile25 grams2.4 mm65 grams4 mmCherry
ZealPCZealios 67 gTactile30 grams2.4 mm67 grams4 mmCherry
ZealPCZealios 78 gTactile40 grams2.4 mm78 grams4 mmCherryLighter Cherry MX Clear, Smoother
ZealPCTiffany Blue TealiosTactileunknown2.4 mm67 grams4 mmCherry
ZealPCOrange HealiosLinearunknown4 mm67 grams4 mmCherry
ZealPCZilents 62 gTactile20 grams2.4 mm62 grams4 mmCherrySilent Zealios
ZealPCZilents 65 gTactile25 grams2.4 mm65 grams4 mmCherrySilent Zealios
ZealPCZilents 67 gTactile30 grams2.4 mm67 grams4 mmCherrySilent Zealios
ZealPCZilents 78 gTactile40 grams2.4 mm78 grams4 mmCherrySilent Zealios
Input ClubHako TrueTactile60 grams2 mm95 grams3.6 mmCherry
Input ClubHako ClearTactile55 grams2 mm75 grams3.6 mmCherry
Input ClubHako VioletTactile40 grams2 mm50 grams3.6 mmCherry
Input ClubHako Royal TrueTactile60 grams2 mm85 grams3.6 mmCherry
Input ClubHako Royal ClearTactile50 grams2 mm85 grams3.6 mmCherry
Input ClubHalo ClearTactile50 grams2 mm80 grams4 mmCherry
Input ClubHalo TrueTactile55 grams2 mm100 grams4 mmCherry
MODMOD-LLinear45 grams2 mmunknown4 mmCherry
MODMOD-LTactile45 grams2 mm62 grams4 mmCherry
MODMOD-MLinear55 grams2 mmunknown4 mmCherry
MODMOD-MTactile55 grams2 mm66 grams4 mmCherry
MODMOD-HLinear62 grams2 mm80 grams4 mmCherry
MODMOD-HTactile62 grams2 mm78 grams4 mmCherry
MODMOD-SHTactile70 grams2 mmunknown4 mmCherry
Aliaz60gTactileunknown2 mm60 grams4 mmCherryKind of similar to Zealio
Aliaz70gTactileunknown2 mm70 grams4 mmCherryKind of similar to Zealio
Aliaz80gTactileunknown2 mm80 grams4 mmCherryKind of similar to Zealio
Aliaz100gTactileunknown2 mm100 grams4 mmCherryKind of similar to Zealio
OutemuBrownTactile40 mm2 mm55 grams4 mmCherry
OutemuBlueClicky40 mm2 mm60 grams4 mmCherry
OutemuRedLinear40 mm2 mm50 grams4 mmCherry
OutemuBlackLinear30 mm2 mm65 grams4 mmCherry
OutemuIce SilverLinearunknown2 mm68 grams4 mmCherry
OutemuICE Light PurpleTactileunknown2 mm62 grams4 mmCherry
OutemuICE Dustproof BrownTactileunknown2 mm62 grams4 mmCherry
OutemuICE Dark PurpleTactileunknown2 mm68 grams4 mmCherry
OutemuICE GreyTactileunknown2 mm75 grams4 mmCherry
OutemuICE BlueClickyunknown2 mm62 grams4 mmCherry
OutemuICE TealClickyunknown2 mm68 grams4 mmCherry
OutemuICE ClickClickyunknown2 mm75 grams4 mmCherry
GreetechBrownTactile40 grams2 mm60 grams4 mmCherryYes
GreetechBlueClicky50 grams2 mm60 grams4 mmCherryYes
GreetechRedLinear45 grams2 mm55 grams4 mmCherryYes
GreetechBlackLinear60 grams2 mm80 grams4 mmCherryYes
TesoroAgile RedLinear45 grams1.5 mmunknown3.5 mmCherry
TesoroAgile BlueClicky45 grams1.5 mmunknown3.5 mmCherry
TesoroSlim BlueClicky50 grams1 mmunknown3 mmTesoro
TesoroSlim BlueLinear45 grams1 mmunknown3 mmTesoro

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