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Kailh Switches: A Complete Guide

The Ultimate Kailh Guide

Kailh has been known for their budget options compared to more brand name switches like Cherry.

However, this isn’t true for all Kailh switches, as some switches like the Kailh Box Creams are among the priciest options available. Is it worth spending so much money on a mechanical switch, or are you better off purchasing regular Cherry MX clones?

We went ahead and created a definitive guide for Kailh switches that includes every switch the company ever created. Let’s see which switch is right for you.

Types of Kailh Switches

Kailh’s list of switches is extensive and divided into various categories:

  1. Regular Switches
  2. Box Switches
  3. Low-profile Choc Switches
  4. Speed and Super Speed Switches
  5. Silent Switches
  6. Pro Switches
  7. Turbo Switches
  8. KK Switches
  9. Novelkeys x Kailh switches
  10. Other Switches

For a comparison of Kailh switches with other companies, check out our all-encompassing mechanical switch chart.

Kailh Regular Switches

Kailh regular switches are Chery MX clones of the same name. They are comparable to not only Cherry MX switches but also to the clones produced by Outemu and Gateron.

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Red SwitchLinear50g65g2mm 4mm
Kailh Brown SwitchTactile50g60g2mm 4mm
Kailh Black SwitchLinear60g2mm 4mm
Kailh Blue SwitchClicky50g60g2mm 4mm

Kailh Red

50g actuation force | 2.0 mm actuation travel | 4.0 mm total travel

Similar to Cherry MX Reds, the Kailh Red is a linear switch, albeit with a slightly higher actuation force than the Cherry MX originals. This isn’t of much consequence to most users, but enthusiasts might be able to discern the difference.

Kailh isn’t very popular for its linear switches due to the scratchy feel they have. It might be better to go with Outemu or Gateron if you want a regular linear switch. 

For a new user who wants to try a linear mechanical switch for gaming, Kailh Reds can be an inexpensive option. But for most people, it’s better to consider Kailh’s more unique switches which we’ll talk about later.

Kailh Brown

50g actuation force | 2.0 mm actuation travel | 4.0 mm total travel

In the regular switches lineup, the brown switches are the only tactile switches. Similar to the Reds, these have a slightly higher actuation force than the competition. 

If you still want to non-clicky switch but need higher feedback than Kailh Red switches, then you should consider browns as a viable option. The cheaper price point of these switches along with high durability and great performance makes the Browns a very good contender for people just getting into mechanical switches.

Kailh Black

60g actuation force | 2.0 mm actuation travel | 4.0 mm total travel

While all the other specs of the Black switches are similar to Kailh Red switches, the actuation force of these is slightly higher at 60g. 

For people who type heavily and want a stronger upwards force during a key press, the Black switches might be a better option compared to the Red. A higher actuation force also reduces the likelihood of mistypes in these linear switches.

Kailh Blue

50g actuation force | 2.0 mm actuation travel | 4.0 mm total travel

Kailh Blue switches don’t feature the clickbar mechanism which the company is popular for. They use the standard and albeit boring click-jacket mechanism used in other similar clicky switches, but that doesn’t make the Kailh Blue a bad switch.

These switches make a loud and prominent sound, which feels more satisfying when compared to other clones. For the budget, Kailh Blue can be a great clicky switch with a high durability rating.

Kailh Box Switches

The real star of Kailh’s mechanical switches lineup is the Box switches. These come in two versions of standard colors, as well as other various configurations. Let’s take an in-depth look at Kailh Box switches.

Box V1

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Box V1 Red Linear45g60g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box V1 Brown Tactile45g58g2mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box V1 White Clickbar45g58g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box V1 Black Clickbar60g75g1.8mm 3.6mm

Kailh’s first version of Box switches is pretty straightforward. It has 4 different colors and encompasses all switch types. These come in a 3-pin design.

V1 was Kailh’s first jump into the world of dust and water-resistant switches. The square wall around the stem not only prevents dust particles from entering the internal mechanism of the switch but also reduces the wobbliness of the switches, making every keypress more stable.

The 18K gold contact used inside the box switches prevents early corrosion and raises the lifespan of these switches to 80 million keystrokes. All in all, the Box V1 is an upgraded version of the existing Kailh Regular switches and is an improvement over them in all aspects.

Box V2

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Box V2 Red Linear40g50g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box V2 Brown Tactile45g68g2mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box V2 White Clickbar45g50g1.8mm 3.6mm

With the Box V2, Kailh ditched the Box Black switch and made improvements to remaining three switches. Unlike the V1, which had two Clickbar switches, with the V2 we have only one of each type of switch.

The upper housing of the Box V2 switches is changed from transparent to crystal black to absorb and balance the backlight better. In the older Box switches, the LED slot is sealed, but in the V2, it’s semi-sealed to allow more light to transmit. Both these changes aim to enhance the look and lighting of your keyboard.

Among the most notable upgrade in the Box V2 switches is that they come pre-lubed when you purchase them. This wasn’t the case with the older Box switches which is why they feel slightly scratchier and have a rattling sound profile.

The base design of Box V2 has also been changed from 3-pin in V1 to 5-pin in V2. This means that while Box V1 has higher compatibility and can be hot-swapped more easily, the V2 will be more stable in a keyboard.

What’s the Difference Between Box V1 and V2?

Let’s compare both V1 and V2 side by side so we can get a better idea of how they differ functionally.

Box Red V1 vs V2

The linear Box Red V2 doesn’t differ a lot from its older cousin. Its actuation force is slightly reduced from 55g in V1 to 40g for V2. This, along with the fact that it comes factory-lubed, makes the V2 much smoother to use.

All the other changes to the housing and internal mechanism of the V2 also come into play, and if you want an overall improved Linear switch, then the Box Red V2 is the right choice. However, if you’re on a budget, or just prefer a slightly stronger actuation force, then go with the older version.

Box Brown V1 vs V2

The Box Brown switches saw a significant improvement. The V1 browns had a much softer tactile feedback which gave them a mushy feel. This along with the low bottom-out force left something to be desired for. While this made the V1 Browns quieter, the keypress feeling wasn’t great.

So in the V2, Kailh made the tactile feedback considerably stronger; the feedback force increased from 50g in the V1 to 75g in the V2. The bottom-out force also saw an improvement with a 10g increase. While this did nothing to make the V2 switches quieter, it definitely improved the feel and tactility of the Brown switches.

Box White V1 vs V2

Kailh Box V1 vs V2

Box White V1 was very popular owing to the satisfying clickbar mechanism they used. So Kailh went ahead and improved an already good switch to one of the best clickbar switches in their lineup.

The Box White V2 has a slightly reduced bottom-out force and a more satisfying and louder click sound. It also uses a longer spring inside, which doesn’t affect the actuation force but makes the keystroke more stable and smooth.

All these improvements, combined with the changes in the housing and the fact that V2 switches come pre-lubed make it hard to not recommend Box White V2 over the V1.

Box Heavy

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Pale Blue Clickbar60g80g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Burnt OrangeTactile60g80g2mm 3.6mm
Kailh Dark YellowLinear70g80g1.8mm 3.6mm

Box Heavy switches come in one of each type of switch. 

The actuation force for these switches is slightly higher than standard Box switches which makes them perfect for heavier typists.

Everything from the clickbar mechanism of the Pale Blue to the tactility of the Burnt Orange is enhanced to give you the best possible feedback on every keystroke.

However, the Dark Yellow, being a linear switch is prone to scratchiness. While this is common with many other linear switches by Kailh, it’s particularly notable in this heavier varient,


Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Box SummerClicky50g53g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box WinterTactile38g52g2mm 3.6mm
Kailh Crystal Robin BoxLinear40g65g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Crystal Royal BoxTactile45g70g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box Crystal JadeClickbar50g60g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box Crystal NavyClickbar60g90g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box Crystal PinkClickbar55g65g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Red Bean Pudding BoxLinear45g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Jellyfish “Y” BoxLinear50g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Jellyfish “Z” BoxClicky47g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh White Owl BoxClicky46g60g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Coco Pink BoxLinear40g50g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box PinkClickbar55g65g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box Red ProLinear34g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box Ancient GreyLinear95g100g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box Chinese RedLinear45g55g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box Glazed GreenClickbar50g50g1.8mm 3.6mm
Kailh Box Noble YellowClicky55g65g1.8mm 3.6mm

Here we have everything from color-named switches to birds and even food-named ones. You can find clicky as well as clickbar switches in this lineup.

The notable ones from these have to be the Crystal Jade and Crystal Navy. These are identical to the standard Box Jade and Box Navy switches, which we’ll discuss later on, except for the transparent bottom housing that gives the switches a cleaner look.

The newest switches in this lineup are Box Summer and Box Winter. One is tactile and the other is clicky. Both switches have a unique design with crystal housing. The click sound of the Box Summers feels similar to the sound of a Cicada.

Kailh Low-Profile Choc Switches

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Choc Red Linear43g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc Brown Tactile45g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc White Clicky50g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc BlackLinear60g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc BlueClicky48g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc PinkLinear20g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc SilverLinear40g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc PurpleLinear25g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc Dark YellowLinear70g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc Burnt OrangeTactile70g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc Pale BlueClickbar70g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc JadeClicky50g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc SunsetTactile40g1.5mm 3.0mm
Kailh Choc NavyClicky60g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc RobinClicky60g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc Red ProLinear35g1.3mm 3.2mm
Kailh Choc Transparent RedLinear35g1.3mm 3.2mm

Kailh calls their low-profile switches “Choc”, and so shall we. These switches have a unique horizontal stem shape and a design that is quite different from the low-profile switches you see from competitors like Outemu and Gateron. 

The total travel distance of these switches is reduced to 3.2mm and the actuation point to around 1.3-1.5 mm. This is on par with other low-profile switches, but the sheer variety of Kailh’s Choc switches overpowers other companies’ low-profile lineup.

Kailh made Choc versions of many of their existing switches, including the Box Heavy and the Box Thick versions. If you like a particular Kailh switch and want a Choc version of it, chances are that Kailh has got you covered.

Kailh Speed and Super Speed

Kailh Speed

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Speed Gold SwitchClicky50g65g1.4mm 3.5mm
Kailh Speed Silver SwitchLinear40g70g1.1mm 3.5mm
Kailh Speed Copper SwitchTactile40g60g1.1mm 3.5mm
Kailh Speed Bronze SwitchClicky50g65g1.1mm 3.5mm
Kailh Speed Pink SwitchClicky50g1.1mm 3.5mm

Kailh Speed switches are designed keeping gamers in mind. The actuation distance and the bottom-out distance both are reduced to increase the key responsiveness.

Speed Gold

50g actuation force | 1.4 mm actuation travel | 3.5 mm total travel

It’s important to note that the Speed Golds don’t use a clickbar mechanism and have a standard click-jacket inside them. 

The clicky sound in these is slightly muted and the tactile feedback isn’t very prominent. This directly leads to a better-performing gaming switch.

Lubing these switches might not be a good idea because it can dampen the already weak tactile feedback. But even without lubing, the Speed Gold switches feel smooth enough.

Speed Silver

40g actuation force | 1.1 mm actuation travel | 3.5 mm total travel

Linear switches are inherently popular for gaming, and the Speed Silvers take it a step ahead. The actuation force of these linear switches is light at only 40g, which makes them perfect for gaming. 

Kailh Linear switches are notorious for having a degree of scratchiness to them. The Speed Silver switches, however, are surprisingly smooth. 

All these factors combined with the reduced travel distance make these switches an instant recommendation for gamers.

Speed Copper

40g actuation force | 1.1 mm actuation travel | 3.5 mm total travel

The Speed Copper is surprisingly similar to the Golds, even though it shouldn’t be. 

That’s because neither of the switches produces much sound. The Speed Coppers are tactile switches so naturally they don’t have any clicking sound upon actuation. And as we already discussed, the click sound of the Golds is already very subtle. Hence a normal person won’t be able to distinguish between the two.

With an actuation force of only 40g, these fall among the lighter switches in this lineup. If the linear Speed Silvers aren’t your thing, then you might want to give the Speed Copper switches a go.

Speed Bronze

50g actuation force | 1.1 mm actuation travel | 3.5 mm total travel

The Speed Bronze has a really strong tactile feedback compared to the Gold clicky switches, and the sound is similar to a snapping rubber band. But whether you prefer the sound and tactility is up to your personal preference.

These switches have often been reported to activate before the actuation point and deactivate before the actuation point as well, which can be very annoying.

Speed Pink

50g actuation force | 1.1 mm actuation travel | 3.5 mm total travel

The Speed Pink switches are identical to the Speed Bronze. They have the same feel and sound and carry the same flaws as well.

Kailh Super Speed 

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Super Speed Silver SwitchLinear38g50g1.1mm 3.5mm
Kailh Super Speed Copper SwitchTactile38g60g1.1mm 3.5mm
Kailh Super Speed Bronze SwitchClicky48g1.1mm 3.5mm
Kailh Super Speed Red SwitchLinear37g42g1.8mm 4.0mm

The Super Speed switches are the V2 of the Speed lineup. Almost every aspect of the Speed switches is improved in this newer lineup.

Upon direct comparison, you’ll notice that compared to the Speed switches, the Super Speed counterparts have slightly reduced actuation force while maintaining a similar travel distance. 

The feel and sound of these switches have also been improved. These boast different lengths of springs to better fit each switch types. Plus, similar to Box V2, these switches come pre-lubed out of the factory.

All of these factors allow the Super Speeds to give a competitive edge to gamers by increasing the responsiveness and smoothness of every key press.

Kailh Silent Switches

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Box Silent Brown SwitchTactile45g62g1.8mm3.6mm
Kailh Box Silent Pink SwitchLinear35g45g1.8mm3.6mm
Kailh Midnight Pro Silent Switch (Grey)Linear45g55g1.9mm4.0mm
Kailh Midnight Pro Silent Switch (Light Yellow)Tactile45g50g1.9mm3.7mm
Kailh Deep Sea Silent Pro Box Switch (Islet)Linear45g1.8mm3.6mm
Kailh Deep Sea Silent Pro Box Switch (Whale)Tactile40g2.0mm3.6mm

Safe to say that you won’t find a clicky switch in Kailh’s Silent Switches lineup. Even though Kailh is known for its clickbar switches, they went ahead and made some of the best Silent switches out there.

The most notable entry among this list has to be the Deep Sea Silent switches. Depending on whether you like Linear or Tactile, you can get the same switch in either of your preferred switch types. Both are similar save for the slightly higher actuation force of the Deep Sea Silent Linear switches, which is a good thing as it makes them less prone to mistypes.

Generally speaking, silent switches, especially the linear ones, often feel mushy and lack any sort of feedback. This is due to the flawed sound-dampening mechanism they use. 

The Deep Sea Silent switches are different in that regard, as they use a unique sound-dampening mechanism that gives a solid “thock” sound. It’s not loud enough to annoy anyone in the room, and not too silent that you’re left yearning for any sort of feedback.

Kailh Pro Switches

Kailh Pro

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Pro Burgundy SwitchLinear50g70g1.7mm3.6mm
Kailh Pro Purple SwitchTactile50g70g1.7mm3.6mm
Kailh Pro Light Green SwitchClicky50g60g1.7mm3.6mm

Kailh’s Pro switch lineup contains one switch for each type. They combine the best of both Box and Speed switches which makes them highly responsive and give them a great feel.

They have a 3-pin design with high compatibility and come pre-lubed. While all of the switches have pretty comparable specs, it is worth noting that these feel very stiff when you bottom out on them, which can be tiring for long typing or gaming sessions.

Kailh Speed Pro

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Pro Heavy Sage SwitchClicky70g1.7mm3.6mm
Kailh Pro Heavy Plum SwitchTactile70g1.7mm3.6mm
Kailh Pro Heavy Berry SwitchLinear70g1.7mm3.6mm
Kailh Pro Heavy Navy SwitchClicky70g1.2mm3.5mm

The Speed Pro are the heavier versions of Pro switches. They have an additional 20g of actuation force.

While these may not be as responsive as Speed switches, they still have reduced travel distance and can actually feel better due to the higher weight.

The switches feel smooth and have a lot of modding potential.

Kailh Turbo Switches

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Turbo Red SwitchLinear45g1.9mm3.7mm
Kailh Turbo Brown SwitchTactile40g2.0mm3.6mm
Kailh Turbo Silver SwitchLinear45g1.2mm3.6mm
Kailh Turbo Silent Red SwitchLinear45g1.7mm4.0mm

Kailh Turbo switches fall among the newer switch category at the time of this article’s publishing. Currently, you can only pre-order the switches, as only the Turbo Silver switch is available to purchase. 

Once they release, the Turbo switches are expected to have very smooth keystrokes with very little scratching. Sadly, there is no clicky switch in this category.

Kailh KK Switches

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh KK Red SwitchLinear38g42g1.1mm3.5mm
Kailh KK Silver SwitchLinear38g50g1.1mm3.5mm
Kailh KK Copper SwitchTactile38g60g1.1mm3.5mm
Kailh KK Bronze SwitchClicky48g1.1mm3.5mm

The KK lineup of switches is based on the Kailh Speed switches with a few alterations. They retain the short travel distance of the speeds but give better percussion, tactility, and feedback.

Save for the KK Red switch, the other three switches have a standard stem without a box design. The KK Red’s box design and cross-stem make it more stable and give it dust and water resistance. 

NovelKeys x Kailh Switches

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Cream SwitchLinear55g70g2.0mm4.0mm
Kailh Blueberry SwitchTactile55g80g3.0mm4.0mm
Kailh Box Thick Clicky Navy SwitchClickbar75g90g1.8mm3.6mm
Kailh Box Thick Clicky Jade SwitchClickbar50g60g1.8mm3.6mm
Kailh Box Cream Linear SwitchLinear45g60g2.0mm4.0mm
Kailh Box Cream Pro SwitchLinear45g1.7mm4.0mm
Kailh Sherbet SwitchClickbar45g70g4.0mm

These switches are the result of a collaboration between NovelKeys and Kailh. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable entries in this series.

Kailh Cream

55g actuation force | 2.0 mm actuation travel | 4.0 mm total travel

The Kailh Cream switches gained a lot of traction among keyboard enthusiasts before their release. However, they couldn’t live up to the hype.

The good thing about this switch is that the force graph for this linear switch is extremely smooth without any jumps. This, combined with the nearly perfect weighing of this switch makes it a pleasure to use. It’s also very quiet for a linear switch.

Those are the only good things about this switch. Like other Kailh linear switches, the Creams have a severe scratchiness issue which is due to the lower-quality spring inside them. Had it not been for the springs, the Kailh Creams would sound quite good. Unfortunately, the spring imparts a crunchy sound to every keypress that isn’t very satisfying.

Another issue with these switches is that they have a certain resistance when being pressed. It’s as if they’re sticky. This isn’t helped by the fact that the switches are smelly when you first install them. Manually lubing these switches solves a lot of these problems, but it makes the switches slightly mushier. Regardless, lubing them won’t fix the hole these switches will burn into your wallet for being as expensive as they are.

Kailh Box Cream

45g actuation force | 2.0 mm actuation travel | 4.0 mm total travel

The Box Creams might seem similar to the regular Creams, but quite a few improvements have been made. Apart from the boxed stem, the switches perform much better and the issue of scratchiness is somewhat less obvious.

Despite the premise that the Box Creams can self-lubricate both sides on every keypress, it wasn’t as smooth as expected. This self-lubricating feature is due to the all-POM housing, similar to the one used in the regular Creams, which is intended to reduce friction but doesn’t do anything to actually lube the switch. 

Thanks to the box stem, the switch is much more stable than the standard Creams, and the sound profile is highly improved. Stock use of the box creams is surprisingly good, so it’s safe to say that if you plan to lube your switches, then you should buy the regular Creams. But if you prefer to use your switches in stock form, then the Box Creams will do just fine. 

All in all, this is a great switch to buy if you can afford the premium price-tag

Kailh Box Thick Navy

75g actuation force | 1.8 mm actuation travel | 3.6 mm total travel

The Box Thick Navy switches are a heavy typist’s dream come true. Not only do they have a 65g spring, but the clickbar mechanism has also received a bump up to 30g instead of the regular 10g. This makes the Navies extremely satisfying to press and noisy, and it’s a good kind of noise, similar to rewinding a wind-up toy.

In terms of performance, they still have a certain scratchiness to them, but the overall motion of the stem is smooth and lacks any noticeable wobbliness. The 3-pin design also has some flaws as it gets loose once the switch is taken out of the keyboard once. 

Regular people might not like the heavy weight of these switches as they can be tiring, but people who crave tactile and clicky feedback will love these. 

Kailh Box Thick Jade

50g actuation force | 1.8 mm actuation travel | 3.6 mm total travel

Box Thick Jade use the same 30g clickbar mechanism, but the spring weight inside is less than the Navies. This lighter spring ironically allows Jade switches to have more pronounced tactile feedback due to a sudden change in force from the start of a keypress to the point of actuation.

Other Switches

Switch NameTypeActuation ForceBottom Out ForceTravel Distance Bottom Out Distance
Kailh Fried Egg SwitchLinear42g60g1.8mm3.6mm
Kailh Starry Sky SwitchLinear40g50g1.9mm3.6mm
Kailh Canary SwitchTactile42g2.0mm4.0mm
Kailh Polia SwitchTactile45g67g1.9mm3.8mm
Kailh Sun SwitchClickbar50g1.8mm3.5mm
Kailh Clione Limacina SwitchLinear/Tactile58g1.9mm4.0mm

This final section contains all the weirdly-named Kailh switches. However, it is worth mentioning the Sun Switch separately.

Sun Switch

50g actuation force | 1.8 mm actuation travel | 3.5 mm total travel

The Sun switch is all about getting you a light explosion from your RGB backlight. It has an opening in the center for the LED which allows light to directly diffuse into the clear transparent top housing of the switch. 

It’s a clickbar switch with pretty standard specs, but these are rare and can be difficult to find.

Kailh Company Overview

Kaihua Electronics Co. Ltd is the name of the manufacturing company behind Kailh mechanical switches, whereas Kailh is just the brand name. 

The manufacturing profile of Kaihua encompasses much more than just mechanical switches. On the official Kaihua website, you’ll find out that the company meddles in all kinds of small switches and buttons. While the bulk of these is used in gaming peripherals and controllers, some are created for use inside automobiles and even in sophisticated medical equipment.

Initially, the company started out by creating Cherry MX clones at a cheaper price and reduced durability. But thanks to Kailh’s exceptional R&D department, we now have a long list of original mechanical switches divided into various categories. Kailh also ended up creating switches by collaborating with different companies like NovelKeys.

Ahmad Rafiq

Ahmad Rafiq

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