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The 6 Best PS5 Wall Mounts in 2024

The Best PS5 Wall Mount

The Sony PlayStation 5 has been an elusive creature ever since it launched . Those who managed to snag one at MSRP without having to cough up exorbitant amounts of money to pay scalpers are few and far between.

You’ve probably wondered where to best place the tall and oddly shaped console. Wall mounting is not usually the first idea that comes to mind, but it has several benefits over just plopping on or in your media console. We’ve gathered six of the best wall mounts for the Sony PS5 available online and listed them below.  

1. HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount Pro Bundle 

HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount Pro Bundle 


  • Proven brand
  • Secure mounting with bottom screw
  • Left or right side placement
  • Powder coated finish
  • Bundle comes with a controller mount


  • Higher end pricing

The HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount Pro bundle comes with one mounting bracket for the PlayStation 5 console as well as one more bracket that holds your controller. The mounting bracket supports both the disc and digital versions of the PS5. It also allows you to fix the console on whichever orientation (left or right side) you prefer. This is an underrated feature since it provides more flexibility and fits many types of setups.

The brackets are manufactured out of 12-gauge steel, which means they’re more than able to hold a PS5 without buckling under the weight. The brackets fit into the console using an M3 screw and have special cut-outs that make sure the console’s vents are fully open and can take in all the air it needs. The brackets are fully powder coated, so you don’t have to worry about any sharp edges or manufacturing defects damaging the PS5.

The packaging comes with drywall screws as well as an anchor, so props to HIDEit for making it easier to install without you having to fish around for extra tools and screws. The installation process is simple and takes only a few minutes, and there really isn’t much room for error here. Once done, your PlayStation 5 will appear to be almost floating in front of the wall!

All in all, the HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount Pro Bundle is a pretty good deal at just $45, and if the hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon and HIDEit’s own website are anything to go by, your PS5 is in good hands (literally). As a bonus it comes with brackets to include your Dual sense controllers too.

2. Vivo PS5 Wall Mount Bracket

Vivo PS5 Wall Mount Bracket


  • Well known brand for monitor mounts
  • Great budget pricing
  • Secure bottom mounting screw
  • Powder coated finish


  • Mounting system blocks some bottom vents

At just $20, the Vivo PS5 Wall Mount bracket lacks any bells and whistles that you may find with more expensive wall mounts like the HIDEit. But you shouldn’t write it off just yet. What you’re getting for the price is a really solid wall mounting bracket that does its job and nothing more.

The bracket is made of steel and is pretty sturdy. You also get a set of screws along with the package, which is always a plus. The bracket has five holes that allow it to be fitted onto the wall where it lies flush with the surface without any odd bends or curves.

The bracket also comes with a three-year limited warranty in case you face any issues when installing it onto the console. The mount does obstruct a small part of the bottom ventilation grills, which is a minor flaw that blocks some of the bottom grills. If you’re looking to save a couple of dollars and are willing to take a slight hit on ventilation, the Vivo PS5 Wall Mount Bracket is a great option and is our second best pick.

3. TotalMount PS5 Mount

TotalMount PS5 Mount


  • Built-in level is a nice touch
  • Rubber damper lowers vibration noise
  • Powder coated finish


  • Plastic construction is obviously less sturdy than metal
  • No top side clip to hold PS5
  • Bottom platform is quite thick and noticeable
  • Bottom platform also blocks bottom PSU grill partially

The TotalMount wall stand for the PS5 is one of the less subtle wall mounts out there. But at $25, it does a pretty good job, with some extra features that toe the line between gimmicky and convenient.

Instead of a long metal bracket, the TotalMount wall stand for the PS5 features an L-shaped mount that only holds the console from the bottom. While it’s not as inconspicuous as the other offerings on the list, the TotalMount’s White and Black plastic outer shell allows it to easily blend in with the PS5, making it almost seem like it’s part of the console itself. It also gets bonus points for having a built-in level on the top half of the wall stand, making the installation that much easier. It’s a nice touch.  

TotalMount claims that its “metal-free housing” allows the PS5 to function without any interruptions to its Wi-Fi as well as reducing any fan rattling. While we did not observe any drops in Wi-Fi performance nor any odd sounds the fan-made, we observed nothing of the sort with other metal brackets wall mounts either. So, make of that what you will.  

For the price, the TotalMount PS5 wall stand is a pretty good deal; if you don’t mind the white and black bar that slightly extends from the bottom. 

4. Dynas PS5 Wall Mount

Dynas PS5 Wall Mount


  • Can mount on either side of TV
  • Wingnut mount for a stronger grip on the PS5
  • Bottom PS5 screw for even more security
  • Metal construction


  • Less known brand
  • Higher end price

Dynas is another player in the PS5 wall mount game that promises function over form. At £28 ($38), it’s a higher price to pay for what is basically only a steel bracket. But to their credit, Dynas has put some thought into making sure your PS5 is safely held up on your wall.

Dynas claims that their bracket is constructed from high-quality mild steel, which can easily handle the PlayStation 5’s weight. The “feature” that sets the Dynas wall mount apart from the rest is the fact that it features a wingnut fixture on the top, which holds the console in place from both ends, allowing for a much stronger grip.   

The Dynas PS5 wall mount comes with fittings included and allows you to fix both the disc and digital version of the console on either orientation (left or right). Dynas has made pretty solid steel mount for the PS5, but at $38, it might be a little too steep when compared to other offerings on this list. However, for those that live in the UK, this might be more viable as it’s readily available on the other side of the pond. 

5. Glistco Steel PlayStation 5 Wall Mount

Glistco Steel PlayStation 5 Wall Mount


  • Strong cold roll steel
  • Secure screw
  • Does not block bottom vent


  • Most expensive mount on this list

The Glistco Steel wall mount for the PS5 is the most expensive offering on here, with a price tag of $43. So, the million-dollar question is: what does it bring to the table (or wall, in this case)?

Glistco boasts their bracket as having been made of industrial-grade 12 gauge cold rolled steel. The bracket neatly fits into the console from a screw at the bottom and uses a hook-style grip to secure the PS5 in place from the top. The entire steel bracket is powder-coated in black to keep it flush with the wall, and to prevent any damage to the console.

While the Glistco Steel wall mount is extremely well built and easy to install—at $43, it’s pretty hard to justify spending so much on just a bracket. To put it in perspective, the HIDEit mount we mentioned earlier comes with a controller mount as well for a similar price. 

6. FloatingGrip PS5 Mount

FloatingGrip PS5 Mount


  • Rope mounting prevents any possible damage to your PS5
  • Budget friendly, 2 controller mounts included
  • No airflow blockages


  • Rope is not as sturdy as steel
  • Not scure, a bump could dislodge the mount

The FloatingGrip PS5 mount is another unconventional wall mount that uses what are basically pieces of rope to hang the PlayStation 5 to your wall. At $20 and $30 for the standard and controller mount bundle respectively, this is one of the cheapest wall mounts for the PS5 you can find.

The FloatingGrip mount uses discs that fit into your wall, combined with strings of high tensile strength to make what is essentially a cradle to hold your console in. The main obvious advantage of this system is that it completely eliminates any chances of your console getting damaged by the mounting hardware.

FloatingGrip assures that its cradle-type mounts are secure enough to hold over 22 pounds of weight. However, if you’re not the precarious type, you would be more likely to have better peace of mind by opting for a much more traditional mounting system. For the rest of you, the FloatingGrip is a really good choice, especially if you value its minimalist style and low cost. 

Why Wall Mount a PS5?

Air flow

A huge reason why you should consider fixing your PS5 to the wall is the added ventilation it brings. Placing your PlayStation 5 on knee-high level atop a TV stand can hinder its airflow since there isn’t a lot of indoor air currents present that close to the ground. By moving the PS5 higher up and onto the wall, you not only clear up some of its air vents that would otherwise get blocked by the hard surface you place it on, and it will also allow it to take in fresher air. This in turn means that the build-up of dust and other debris around the vents of the PS5 will be greatly reduced.


Wall mounting your game console makes sure you have one less item sitting on top of your living room’s TV box gathering dust. What’s more, wall mounting your PS5 keeps it safely away from any danger zones where someone might either drop or spill something on it. If you have kids or pets, you already know that they’re not the most careful bunch—especially around expensive electronic equipment. The peace of mind that you get by keeping your PS5 safely away from their clumsy mitts can be well worth the money.

Wall mounting your PS5 clears up any clutter in and around your TV or entertainment space. This matters more than ever in this console generation since the PS5 is a pretty big boy, and you’ll appreciate any extra space that you can clear up.

Cable management

If you’re a cable management nut (let’s face it, most gamers are), you’ll really love the added clarity that wall mounting your PS5 brings to the entire setup.

Once you’ve wall-mounted your console, you can easily run your HDMI and power cables along the wall and away from the ground where they may get trampled on.

Flexible placement

You can even take advantage of a wall-mount and move your PS5 closer to any outlets or modems that you would otherwise be unable to reach if it was placed on its feet. 

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