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Console Power Chart - GFLOPS Comparison - Large 2

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The new Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 are on their way later this year, they of course tout the hottest graphics and the fastest processors, but how fast is it  exactly compared to previous gens? Comparison chart below.

What are FLOPS?

FLOPS is an acronym for floating point operations per second. It is used as a general measure of performance of a processing unit.

What’s a floating point operation?

Floating point operations are required when dealing with software that uses a huge range of numbers. Software stores exponentially large or small numbers into a predictable encoded 64 bit size.

Converting these 64-bit instructions into raw numbers takes processing power. Processors can be measured in FLOPS, which refers to how fast they can turn bit instructions into numbers.

In gaming, floating point numbers are used to determine polygons and shapes. The more FLOPS a GPU can process, the faster it will be able to render a 3D scene. FLOPS 

FLOPS is only one aspect of determining console power, but it helps give you an idea of what the comparative raw processing speed of a system.

Console Power Chart - GFLOPS Comparison - Large 2

Console GPU FGLOPS Comparison Table

SystemGFlopsGPU Name
Xbox Series X12000Scarlett
Playstation 510250Unknown
Xbox One X6000Scorpio
Playstation 4 Pro4200Neo
PlayStation 41843Liverpool
Xbox One S1400Durango 2
Xbox One1310Durango
Nintendo Switch393.2GM20B
Xbox 360240Xenos
PlayStation 3230.4
Reality Synthesizer
Nintendo Wii U176Hollywood
Xbox20NV2A” ASIC.
Nintendo Wii12Hollywood
Nintendo Gamecube9.4Flipper
PlayStation 26.2
Graphics Synthesizer
Nintendo 3DS4.8PICA200
PowerVR CLX2
Nintendo DS0.6 
Nintendo 640.1
Reality Coprocessor

FLOPS Conversions

You might see FLOPS, GFLOPS and TFLOPS terms floating around, these are all the same measurement, just different magnitudes. A simple reference would be to compare bytes to megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes.




What do the FLOPS mean for next-gen?

While the numbers are nice to have as a rough comparison of compute power, the real world difference will be less obvious, the Xbox Series X will likely have slightly better resolution or framerates in cross-platform games, but FLOPS should not be the deciding factor in which console you choose.
Exclusives, other features like SSD speeds, backward compatibility, crossplay and mouse and keyboard should be bigger factors in your decision. 

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