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Durgod Taurus K320 Review – Rock Solid

Durgod Taurus - Front

Durgod is steadily building their reputation for high-quality keyboards, the Durgod Taurus K320 TKL and all its variants are some of the best tenkeyless keyboards you can buy out of the box. 

Only the Ducky One 2 TKL outclasses the keyboard in its category, the Taurus K320 has a solid build quality, great switch options and provides an excellent typing with the only shortcomings being a recessed USB port and a lack of customization via software.

Get this keyboard if you know you want a specific Cherry switch and want the best typing experience you can get for the dollar. 


  • Solidly built with a good weight
  • USB-C port
  • Great Cherry switch options
  • Pre-lubed and smooth stabs
  • Doubleshot PBT Cherry profile keycaps
  • Multiple backlight options


  • On the higher end of pricing
  • Recessed USB-C port incompatible with some cable
  • No official warranty from Durgod

What’s in the box

Durgod Taurus - Box

Durgod doesn’t skimp on the extras, a wire keycap puller, USB-A and USB-C cables, a velcro table tie, sticker and manual are included with the Durgod Taurus K320.

Switches & Stabilizers

YouTube video

Unlike the Durgod Hades 68, the Taurus only has Cherry MX switch options. Luckily, the Cherry options go beyond the standard ones usually seen:

  • Cherry Black
  • Cherry Blue
  • Cherry Brown
  • Cherry Clear
  • Cherry Red
  • Cherry Silent Black
  • Cherry Silent red
  • Cherry Speed Silver
  • Cherry White

My favourite Cherry switches are, Black for Linear and Clears for tactile. 

Durgod Taurus - Stabs

Like the Hades, the Taurus stabilizers are generously lubed and produce an excellent, rattle free typing experience. 


Durgod Taurus - Long Keycap Back

Another strength here for the Taurus K320, the keycaps are double-shot PBT with an OEM profile. The walls of the caps are 1.3mm thickness, they’re rock solid.

Durgod Taurus - Long keycap

The legends are crisp and clean, with an attractive sans-serif font. The modifiers have an icon and text label.

Design & Size

Durgod Taurus - Angle

The Durgos Taurus has a traditional TKL design, no gimmicks, just clean lines, solid build and a good typing experience. There are several variations of the Taurus:

  • White: the base keyboard in white
  • Cream White: A warmer version of the white
  • Space Gray: The unit I’m reviewing here, has the most switch options
  • Black: 
  • Corona: White backlight
  • Nebula: Full RGB
  • Nebula S: Updated Nebula, also full RGB
Durgod Taurus - High feet

The case is plastic ABS with high-profile sides. There are two feet angles with extra rubber pads for a flat profile.

Durgod Taurus - Low Feet Legs

The feet are sturdy, with a tacky rubber tip ensuring your keyboard doesn’t slide around if you get a little too rowdy. 

Durgod Taurus - USB port

The USB-C port at the top of the keyboard is quite recessed, it provides a secure fit with the included USB cables with its plastic prongs. The flip side is that some standard and custom USB-C cables might have trouble fitting into the recess.

Durgod Taurus - Angle 2

The front lip of the keyboard features the Durgod logo. There are 4 indicator lights just above the arrow cluster.

Build quality

At 908 grams, the Durgod Taurus K320 is solid, its metal plate adds a lot of rigidity. I was unable to produce any creaking or flexing despite its ABS plastic construction. 

Software & Settings

You can download the Zeus Engine Software for the Durgod Taurus K320 here.

Durgod Taurus - Software Main

Unfortunately, the Taurus doesn’t use the excellent Hera compiler used for the Hades. The Zeus Engine is the software responsible for making customizations to the K320 and it does a solid job. 

Durgod Taurus - Software Keyboard Profile

The Taurus K320 can store up to 4 profiles onboard, with the ability to re-map a key to quick toggle between profiles as necessary.

Durgod Tautus - Key Remapper

Key mapping is easy, just click on the key you would like to change and select from options in a pop up menu. 

Durgod Taurus - Macro Editor

Macro recording is intuitive, with editable delays and sequencing done in one view. 

Warranty & Reliability

There’s no official word of warranty for the Durgod Taurus K320

Tech Specs

Durgod Taurus K320

  • Length: 35.5 cm (13.97 inches)
  • Width: 13 cm (5.11 inches)
  • Height: 2.7 cm (1.06 inches)
  • Case: High profile, ABS plastic
  • Weight:  908 grams
  • Keys:  87 keys
  • Cable: 2m detachable USB Type-C

Keys & switches

  • Switch options: Cherry
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Keycap legends: Double shot
  • Keycap profile: Cherry Profile
  • Media keys: In FN layer, reprogrammable
  • Backlight: None
  • Software: Durgod Zeus Engine


The Durgod Taurus K320 is one of the best TKL keyboards I’ve reviewed out of the box. It has great switch options, solid build quality and some of the best stabs out of the box I’ve experienced. You also have an array of configuration options, with choices on case colour and backlighting.

There aren’t many downsides for this keyboard at its mid range price, the USB-C port is quite recessed in the board meaning some custom or aftermarket USB-C cables might not fit. The software is a step down from the Hades 68, not allowing for as much customization. 

If you know you like Cherry MX switches, then getting a Durgod ensures you pair your switches with a solid keyboard with great stabs. The Ducky One 2 TKL is a very strong alternative with more switch options, better RGB and just as good stabilizers. 

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