Zowie S2 vs Logitech G502

The G502 is a massively larger mouse than the Zowie S2, so if you're looking for a smaller mouse then the Zowie S2 is a good candidate made for medium hands.

Both mice shapes are very different, but both are good, the G502 is an OG ergonomic shape, while the S2 is a newer ambidextrous shape, this comes down to personal preference.

The Zowie S2 is much lighter and has a much more flexible cable, I'd suspect the S2 to be a better performer than the G502 overall, as long as the mouse fits the gamer hand of course.

The G502 has a bunch of unique features that the S2 doesn't have, infinite scroll wheel, sniper button, tilt clicks and RGB.

Everything else is a wash, both mice have flawless sensors, good buttons and good build quality. The recommendation boils down to whichever mouse fits the hand better.

Tech Specs Comparison

Mouse nameLogitech G502Zowie S2
PictureLogitech G502 - Check Priceread review
Check Price on Amazon
Zowieread review
Check Price on Addice
Length13.2cm12.2 cm
Width7.5cm5.9 cm
Height4.0cm3.8 cm
Weight121g82 g
ButtonsPrimary left and right click
Middle click
2 side thumb buttons
Scroll tilt left and right
DPI up and down
Sniper toggle button
Profile switch button
2 Primary Buttons
1 Middle Scroll Button
1 DPI Button
2 Side buttons
SensorPixart PMW3360Pixart PMW3360
Cable/WirelessBraidedSoft rubber cable
Battery LifeN/AN/A
SoftwareLogitech Gaming Software:
Surface tuning
RGB lighting settings
DPI stepping
Saved profiles on the mouse
Button remapping
Input analysis
Macro recording
No software:
DPI settings are preprogrammed
Step 1: 400 DPI
Step 2: 800 DPI
Step 3: 1600 DPI
Step 4: 3200 DPI
Warranty2 year warrantyUnknown length
ProsLots of buttons to use for mapping in games
Great infinite scroll
Solid shape
Safe shape, well balanced
Improved lighter buttons
Flexible rubber cable
Flawless sensor
Plug and play
Good light weight at 82 grams
Cable is still on the stiff side
Glossy coating picks up dirt
Noisy scroll wheel

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