Zowie EC2 vs Steelseries Rival 310

These two are very direct competitors, with both mice serving gamers with medium sized hands and an ergonomic shape preference.

I find the EC2 a little more comfortable, the slightly shorter length, and lower height make the mouse more versatile in grips. The Rival 310 however is no slouch and someone with medium to large hands will find both shapes very serviceable.

The buttons on the Rival 310 are much better, the primary and side buttons have a better feel to them while the EC2 is a little stiff.

The scroll wheel on the Rival 310 is miles better than the EC2. The cable is softer on the Rival 310, with the Rival 310 being 5 grams lighter than the EC2.

Both mice sport flawless sensors, so a complete wash there.

It's hard to make a call between both of these mice, this comes down to shape preference, if anything you should try to play around with both and see which one you prefer.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Mouse nameSteelseries Rival 310Zowie EC2
PictureSteelseries Rival 310 - Check Priceread review
Check Price on Amazon
Zowie EC2 - Check Priceread review
Check Price on Amazon
Buttons2 Primary Buttons
1 Middle Scroll Button
1 DPI Button
2 Side buttons
2 Primary Buttons
1 Middle Scroll Button
1 DPI Button
2 Side buttons
SensorTrueMove 3Pixart PMW3360
Cable/WirelessSoft rubber cableSoft rubber cable
Battery LifeN/AN/A
SoftwareSteelseries Game Engine Software:
RGB lighting settings including add-on PrismSync options
DPI/CPI stepping
Polling Rate
Angle Snapping
Saved profiles on the mouse
Button remapping
Macro recording
No software:
DPI settings are preprogrammed
Step 1: 400 DPI
Step 2: 800 DPI
Step 3: 1600 DPI
Step 4: 3200 DPI
Warranty2 year warrantyUnknown length
ProsGreat weight for size
Comfortable shape
Solid responsive buttons
Good value
Comfortable super popular shape
Flexible rubber cord
Flawless sensor
ConsNothing major sticks out, a matter of shape preference in a crowded space for medium/large miceLoud scroll wheel
Issues with accidental clicks

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