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EnterGogo Go-Popper V2 Review – A Solid Switch Opener

entergogo - top down

Review units provided by Entergogo

I haven’t done any switch opener reviews,unitil now, Entergogo reached out and the Go-Popper V2 looked too cool for me to pass up.

The Go-Popper V2 is premium switch opener made for both box and regular style switches. At $35 USD, the Go-Popper is a premium switch opener, especially considering you can buy or self 3D-print switch openers.

While the cheaper switch opening models will do the trick, I’ve found the Go-Popper V2 to more reliably open a switch while being generally more enjoyable to use, which I think is important if I’m going to be doing this 100x per build.

Premium opener

GO-Popper V2

Entergogo Go-Popper V2

See Price on


  • Great fit and finish
  • Solidly built
  • Can open regular and box style switches


  • One of the pricier openers


entergogo - two colours with switches

The Go-Popper V2 is designed to accommodate both box switches and standard mx style switches. The switch opener is made up of 3 pieces:

  • Top cover
  • Middle piece
  • Bottom cover

Middle piece

The middle piece contains both the switch opener mechanisms, you open whichever side coincides with the switch type you want to open.

entergogo - opened

4 magnets dot each corner of  the pieces to provide some tension in holding the Go-Popper together when not in use.

The Popper comes in 4 variants:

  • Aluminum in Black 
  • Aluminum in E-White
  • Aluminum in Gray
  • Brass


entergogo - box switch

The precision of the parts is obvious when I opened my first switch, the switch opens much more easily compared to a 3D printed switch opener, the harder material and more precise location of the opening parts line up exactly where it needs to be with the switch.

Build quality

entergogo - opened

These things are tanks, the brass model weighs in at a hefty 272 grams, while the e-white version I received comes in at 87 grams. The brass version feels substantial in hand.

There are no rough edges or bad fits anywhere, the fit in finish is solid, resulting in a very satisfying feel in hand.

The magnets provide a satisfying tension to each piece, you can’t pick up the brass version by the top or bottom without the parts separating, while you can pick up the e-white top and the entire popper will come with it.

Why get a switch opener?

The main reason keyboard nuts open switches is to get to the insides for lubing. I’ve put together a guide on that here. You can open switches with a pointy narrow object, but you’ll likely take 4 times longer open each switch without an opener.


The Go-Popper V2 is a high quality piece of kit that is commanding probably 2 or 3 times some more budget options. If you think you’ll be opening up a ton of switches in the future, then investing in a switch opener is a good option to save a good amount of time and frustration. The Go-Popper V2 is as good an option as any.  



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